Hello!  I am so very glad you have stopped by. I treasure this opportunity to share how God reached down from Heaven into my life and changed me for eternity. In a world so very difficult to be in, we can be so much more than we even realize. I hope what I share spreads hope for a better tomorrow in the True Living God, who is Jesus Christ.

A Comfort That Shouldn’t BeA Comfort That Sholdn't Be | 4YearWanderer | Heather MertensThe story of how depression and brain disease nearly stole my life but Grace and Love found me… God saved me.

Depression. Oh the pain of heart pain. None to be equaled.
Depression is a very difficult subject to understand,
to discuss,
to live with,
to handle,
to be around …

Do you ever stop and think about what in your life is a comfort that shouldn’t be?

Is there something that consumes your thoughts in such a way that you know it isn’t healthy or productive but you go there anyway?

BEWARE! That’s a trap. Beware because it can enslave you and affect everyone around you.

I know without a shadow of a doubt that the hole in your heart can only be successfully filled by One. Let that hole be filled.

Fighting without God is like losing before you even start.

We were not made to be alone.

“Where can I go from your Spirit? Or where can I flee from your presence? If I ascend to heaven, you are there; if I make my bed in hell, you are there” ~ Psalm 139

My story may be different from any you’ve ever heard… but parts might be just what you’ve lived. Share with me. I’m ALL IN to love.

I share the rest of the story here.



He Was Near Death But Nearer to a Miracle | Heather Mertens | 40YearWandererHe Was Near Death… But Nearer to a Miracle – The miraculous God-sized night that meningitis nearly took my husband’s life. Today he lives because of God.

I could do nothing. I was numb but somehow mechanically moving through the motions. I was counting on the prayers of many – believing – but knowing that if God chose to bring Everett home we would be okay and he would be in a far better place.

I share the rest of his story here.


Abortion After Affects | 40YearWanderer | Heather Mertens | #ProlifeMy story of how abortion changed my life forever. FOREVER.

I can not begin to describe how it feels to know you participated in the complete demise of an innocent human life. I can’t even find the words.
But I try here.