I encourage you to join the discussion here and welcome it greatly!  This is how we learn, encourage each other, and fill this world with love and kindness that it so desperately needs. We can even discuss things we disagree about and that is another way to learn. But I do have some rules (sadly, this has to be addressed).

If a comment is left that:

– is mean spirited by my assessment
– contains hateful language and/or name calling
– uses a straw man argument
– is attackful in its very nature even if tried to be cleverly disguised

then, it will not be allowed on my website, blog, or social media pages. It does not matter whether that comment is supporting me or another commenters if it is degrading and hurtful to another. I do not consider those who politely disagree, as reason to disallow a comment, but understand I will only engage in those instances if the comment garners a response. I have a deep respect for anyone, regardless of their stance on a topic, who converses properly and with mutual respect.

If a person has any question as to why I have set these rules in place, then you can find further reason here – Open Letter to Christians: This is Why the World Speaks About us the Way They Do. It’s really a letter to all people not just Christians.