Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People? Really.

Many non-believers question how there could be a creator because they question God’s moral character ~ regarding His judgement on humanity ~ often asking why “bad things happen to good people”.


Some Christians who do not read Scripture, rarely if ever, actually carry many misconceptions and non-truths as well.

Many non-Believers go into attack mode during conversation and sadly many Believers retort in the same manner. I think it more appropriate that we just present what is actual Truth … And do it in love. Simple. Love.

It’s all in the choice.

That we humans abuse choice might sound like the worst choice since the decision to abuse choice is the first abusive choice we make. However, I submit that possibly the worst choice is that we make excuses for abusing choice and then lay blame on others.

“Why would God allow bad things to happen?”

The question that should be asked instead is:

“Why do people abuse choice to bring about bad things?”

Actually, the very worst choice is to deny Christ and then make excuse or lay blame for everything that follows.


Live Blessed,

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Is God Real?

Can God’s existence be proven? Can it be proven God does not exist? Is science from God or exclusive of God?

These are questions that could be hashed and rehashed with big words and big agendas and big hopes for both sides. But I want to talk about this in a pure simple way. Because when a soul is ready, simple and pure is the only thing that they need.

God is real.

How do I know that? {I’ve been asked.} I went after the truth.

I came to know that God is real based on real data collected by experience in my life. Experiencing God has been the most real thing I’ve ever known.

I did have influence growing up… church, Bible stories … but I also had other influence. Of the worldly kind. I dabbled. I tried. I grasped. New age. Spiritual things. Self help. Inner child. Years I searched. Years I longed for truth and answers.

I looked for evidence.
Of anything.
God. Evolution. Big Bang.

I read. Tons of stuff. Research and me, right and left hand. {I’ve shared before how I wasn’t the best at friendship when I was growing up. Soooo not good. But the librarian? We chummed it up.} And I’ve never stopped researching and reading. It’s what I do. I learn.

So what is true?

  • There isn’t one piece of factual evidence – as admitted by the most noted evolutionists – that exists in support of macro-evolution.
  • Most “spiritual” things are wildly fake or worse.
  • The beginning of everything was never proven scientifically. Still hasn’t been.
  • Nothing. Made. Sense.
    Not. One. Thing.

    I experienced.


    I had asked Jesus into my life as a teenager, and I believed. I believed what I had been told. What I had heard. But I wanted to know for myself.

    Simply put. I wanted real life experience. I wanted to experience GOD.

    God answered. He had waited while I wandered.

    I knew. Then I knew. I knew God was real and had created me with and for a purpose.

    So if one wants to argue that my belief isn’t scientific than one must also admit that the big argument of macro-evolution is not scientific either. I am of course basing that on the stance that just as evolutionists insist on evidence and documented facts from opponents so do we creationists (young earth and old earth varieties).

    In other words, God is real to many, because they’ve experienced God. And others choose to believe God is not real. That is what keeps people “back at the drawing board” so to speak.

    Both can’t be right. This will never be a “relative” conversation between any peoples. Time will tell.

    I look at it this way: as a believer in God, I’m the one with nothing to lose should one of us be wrong. And I say that with pure and simple love. Since I’ve experienced God in real life form, my heart aches for those who don’t.

    If I’m wrong about God being real, then the world will never know.

    To those who insist on saying God definitively does not exist… I can tell you this with all confidence:

    He hears you talking. But that’s a mouth thing. What you are really missing is a heart thing.

    Once you experience God your heart will light up like you never knew it could.


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    What Does Scripture Say?


    I don’t know who Matt Chandler is but this statement is DEAD ON RIGHT. I know many people today want to read and “apply” Scripture to what drives them (agenda) and make it fit what they want to – even to the point of saying they aren’t. WATCH OUT for that because that is called “rewriting” and God speaks to that in His Word.

    Now I firmly believe that no one can interpret every word or phrase perfectly because we are human. We have and will continue to misunderstand parts. I’ve changed my beliefs in the past because my understandings were shown by God to be wrong. But misunderstanding a Scripture verse is FAR from changing the Word of God to read like a history book that we should learn from in the context of agenda. That’s one step out from “Jesus was a good teacher but not the Savior, not God”.

    I can’t figure out why Christians say they believe something when they have not consulted God’s Word on the subject. That’s a rough one for me to get. Most every topic and issue we encounter in our lives is addressed in the Holy Bible.

    {update: I do get it to the point that I used to be in years ago- saying I believe something without checking because in my heart I didn’t care enough to find out what God thought about it. In all honesty, I can’t think of another reason why people don’t.}

    And to go to Scripture to find something that can be taken out of context or, worse yet, twisted to fit a belief – that’s dangerous territory even for a Christian to be in.

    Lord, let me never go to Your Word with the intent to find what fits an agenda other than Your own. Forgive me if I have, even if unknown to me, and show me when others are so I can discern.

    Do not add to his words, lest he rebuke you and you be found a liar. ~ Proverbs 30:6

    God does not give the right to anyone to teach what is not in Scripture as if it is found in Scripture. I’ve seen time and time again, a teaching that quotes outside sources and cherry picks Scripture to prove the “teacher’s” point and not God’s point.

    Don’t hear me wrong. I’m not saying we won’t misunderstand Scripture in some cases depending on many factors – life experience, non clarity on certain modern topics, etc – because we are human and misunderstanding things might be our greatest perfection as people.

    Live Blessed,


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