Guest Writing and Speaking

I will prayerfully consider every request.  Sharing this life together with you in the name of Christ is my honor and privilege. ~ Heather


Honored to Share Words for God’s Glory at:

Soli Deo Gloria Sisterhood
~ Trapped in Depression Part 1
How I suffered in clinical depression and how it was a trapped place in the mind; and how easy it is to stay there… a comfort that shouldn’t be.

~ Trapped in Depression Part 2
I share with you how those attacks of the mind and on the mind felt. I also share how to stand against those attacks and the enemy. Because the victory is found in the choice.

~ Trapped in Depression Part 3
I’ve been asked many times how I dealt with the depression once I realized I had to make better choices. I’ve mentored other sufferers in these very ways. I see the plan God had for me on the other side of it all… to love others and to show them God in the lingering-life moments, those moments that seem to overwhelm. In part 3, I give a very simple answer with practical ways to live it out as you wait for healing to manifest in your life.

~ How Healing Moments Lead to Ultimate Healing
“I want that healing, God. I have been talking this over with you for a very, very long time. Tonight, I believe you want to work that miracle.”
I share about my miraculous healing.

Tirzah Magazine
~ The Importance of Mother-Daughter Relationships

~ God Has All The Momentum You Need

Being Rebekah
~ The Light is Just Where You Need It
~ 10 Things Life Teaches… If We Are Learning
~ Let God Love You
~ Trusting God in the Garden