Meet Heather

40YearWanderer_dot_com_Heather_MertensHeather started the 40YearWanderer site several years ago knowing Jesus was calling her to share her experiences. She started a blog, under a different name back then, but life would prove itself worthy of even more “experiences” to tell about. All that slowed down her personal and missional writing, but gave way for testimony of her miraculous healing as well as her husband’s which can both be found at the Our Story link at the top.

In 2010 she knew the timing was right and God gave her the name “40YearWanderer” to represent not only her life journey, but everyone’s life journey of finding God more and more no matter how old they were. Of course there is direct reference to the 40 year wandering of the Israelites a *few* years before.

Soon people from all over the world were sharing her story and her husband’s, coming back for more and joining the conversation largely centering around “finding the truth for ourselves in the Word and loving and encouraging others in the journey.” In 2014, God led her to begin a ministry, a mission to find that very Truth the world has gotten so confused, called ALL IN which has many element including an online community of sharing, caring, learning, and praying.

Heather is currently finishing up two books. One about her life’s journey and healing; the other is a Q&A style book about God in our lives (hot topics included) written using surveys of a 50 person panel all over this planet. Heather has been married to her husband, Everett, for over 20 years. They have a 20 year old daughter, Emerson, who was a ballet dancer with a dance ministry for several years and is now studying for her degree in Biblical studies. Emerson has her own blog, Words From a Feather, and is a contributor right here on 40YearWanderer and at ALL IN.


“When a life is touched, a life is changed
Sometimes that life is changed so drastically that it must speak.”


This is why I breathe. I share intimately the things that have brought me so close to God that I long for even more. I pray and ask God to show you encouragement and hope and love. That makes everything I went through worth it. For it to bring Him love and glory, by touching others… that’s where my heart is. I love to share Him.

I’ve spent 40+ years wandering through life – at first aimlessly and now at last with drive, passion, and commitment to Christ who called me out of the darkness. My life has brought depression and healing, death and life, destruction and repair, sadness and victory – and above all else … Love.

What started as a gifted love for writing, blossomed into a ministry and a career. I penned a Christmas poem at age 7 for my father who carried it in his wallet until the day he died a few years later. I know deeply how words can touch a life.

The culmination of my life “events” have brought me to a place where I can’t help but speak the praises God so deserves. I pray, with all my thanksgiving to the Lord, that the eyes and hearts that land upon my words will be blessed.

Live. Learn. Love.
Love as only God can do through you. It is ALL about the relationship.