“When a life is touched, a life is changed
Sometimes that life is changed so drastically that it must speak.”



Guest Writing and Speaking

I will prayerfully consider every request. Sharing this life together with you in the name of Christ is my honor and privilege. ~ Heather

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Meet Heather

Heather started the 40YearWanderer site several years ago knowing Jesus was calling her to share her experiences. She started a blog, under a different name back then, but life would prove itself worthy of even more “experiences” to tell about. All that slowed down her personal and missional writing, but gave way for testimony of … Continue reading Meet Heather


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Meet Emerson

  Emerson’s gifts are clearly in the realm of creativity. She is a writer, photographer, actress, and dancer who also loves creative digital photo and video editing. Her 16 years of formal dance training, along with graduating high school early, allowed her to dance with a professional ballet company as well as choreograph and perform … Continue reading Meet Emerson