When a Choice Becomes a Death Sentence 

What else can be called right that is wrong?

I’m so sick and disgusted! FALSE? People are ACTUALLY claiming the PP videos are false? Then why did the Prrsident of PP step all over herself to explain why her doctors in those videos said what they said and make excuses for it all?

Besides, killing unborn babies is horribly evil!! Does it not surprise us that PP would then try to make more money from it?

We must pray that this end! And that God would forgive us all for letting it go on. And pray for anyone involved to seek forgiveness. I know because God has forgiven me for taking part in the demise of an unborn baby via taking a friend in high school to get an abortion her parents set up.

We must pray for abortion to end and for people to see the value of human life as God sees it, because He made it.
As for those -like Cecile Richards, the President of PP who are crying “edited videos!” – the full length videos have been publicly released and show no different attitude. That callous, evil attitude.
They can say all day long that they are not profiting from this, but who cares either way when BABIES ARE DYING? The joking attitude shows in all these videos and Richards apologized for that. How about apologizing for taking the lives of unborn babies?! How about stopping?!

Yes, I am passionate about this. Seriously, I can not fathom why every human isn’t.

Yes, I do literally cry and scream out over all this. And about how every person should be very vocal about how this is all evil. THE SILENCE IS DEAFENING.

‪I am thankful I’m forgiven and don’t have to answer for them and the lives they’ve stolen.

God is prolife from conception to eternity. So then am I.

The CEO of Planned Parenthood has visited the White House 39 times in the past six years. Living in the pockets of politicians and vice versa. How anyone can vote for any candidate who says it is okay to abort and kill babies is something I can’t understand. I can not fathom that either. And how our President is supporting PP makes me sick to my stomach.

I’ve listened to stories and I’ve listened to family and friends and strangers say why they’d vote for someone … Economics, jobs, health insurance, investing, war, foreign alliance, roads and bridges, schools….

But really… Is there ANYTHING more important than a human life?

I voted against life once in a presidential election when I was young and quite frankly uneducated and stupid. I helped a friend get an abortion back then. That was over 20 years ago. I woke up to the truth that all life has value.

I don’t label myself and I certainly don’t choose to be on any one side of politics – no I’m not Republican – but voting for a Democrat in any election has come to mean that human life has no value and legalized murder is their platform.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE vote for the value of LIFE.

“The silence of the many on behalf of the some will only breed evil that ultimately destroys us all.” – Ravi Zacharias

#VoteLife #AllLivesMatter #Prolife


30 thoughts on “When a Choice Becomes a Death Sentence 

  1. Equipping The Saints says:

    A vote for a democrat is a vote for continued murders of unborn babies. The democrat party platform states that party’s support for abortion on demand. No democrat who is running for political office, or who is in political office, will speak out agains the murders of unborn babies. Please keep up the good work that you do with your blog. May our Lord Jesus richly bless you.

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  2. Equipping The Saints says:

    Reblogged this on Equipping The Saints and commented:
    A vote for a democrat is a vote for continued murders of unborn babies. The democrat party platform states that party’s support for abortion on demand. It is easy to find this information that the democrat party has made public; “google it!” No democrat who is running for political office, or who is in political office, will speak out agains the murders of unborn babies. “Life comes from life,” Law of Biogenesis,” Dr. Louis Pasteur; google that too!


  3. Susan Irene Fox says:

    Heather, I’m in total agreement with you about the abortion issue. And I admit that in my twenties – three decades before I came to know the Lord – I had an abortion because I didn’t know any better; because no one was kind and compassionate enough to take me aside and speak with me 1:1 about my decision.

    I also am not a Republican, but to demonize every Democrat because of the publicly stated platform is akin to demonizing every Muslim because of the publicly stated “platform” we have come to know as the extremist who push their agenda in our faces.

    Some Democrats who want to make a difference seek change from within. Some Democrats are Jesus followers who truly believe the way you and I do; that life begins at conception; that abortion is child murder within the womb. Not all Democrats running for or in office are silent about abortion. Our job as voters is to seek out those diamonds in the rough and uplift them by writing about them and casting our votes for them.


    • Equipping The Saints says:

      Hi Susan Irene, I grew up in a Democrat home. All of my family voted for Democrats. But, I am ashamed at the way that our party has turned out. I would love to know the names of any of the demcrats who are running for office, or who may be holding an office, who have spoken out in oppostition to abortion on demand. The last one that I remember was Governor Bob Casey of Pennsylvania. He left office in the mid 1990s. He was never able to voice his pro-life thoughts at the democrat conventions. I encourage you to check out the democrat party platform and see how the party supports abortion on demand. I wish you well.


      • Susan Irene Fox says:

        I already know the platform; it’s the individuals we need to get to know. Anytime we condemn an entire group, I just don’t think we’re following Jesus. Even he formed relationships with individual pharisees, and transformed their lives.

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        • Equipping The Saints says:

          The problem is that the democrat party is led by people who are leading in total opposition to the Word of God. The leaders will not change their ways. The registered members of the party can not do anything to change the direction of the party. Anything that you or I may think about the decisions that are made about the killing of unborn babies will have no bearing on the decisions that are made by the party leaders. Same-sex marriage is the same problem. The president, vice president, secretary of state, house minority leader, senate majority leader, every democrat elected member of congress and all democrat appointees to cabinets and courts have the same view of abortion on demand and same sex marriage. As long as we vote for such a party, we will continue to be led by their decisons that are against life and God’s design for home and marriage. Thanks for your thoughts. Please have a blessed day.


          • Susan Irene Fox says:

            “The registered members of the party can not do anything to change the direction of the party.” If I thought that for a moment, I would give up on the Holy Spirit abiding inside me.

            As long as we continue to use terms like “every” and “all” we dehumanize and demonize groups of people.

            We must focus on individuals with compassion and continue to pray for them, and do our best to allow ourselves to be empowered by the Spirit.

            Thank you for the respectful discussion.

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            • Heather Mertens says:

              Hi Susan, I always appreciate our discussions. I’ve been gone from home and haven’t had a chance to respond. I’m very sorry you see my words as “demonizing” because I was very very careful not to address any of this to individuals whom are prolife in any party affiliation. I, like you, have had my own abortion experience; the only difference is I took a friend to have one. I was haunted for 10 years over that until I accepted God’s forgiveness for that too. I was saved already, but knew I needed to accept His grace in that area a and to forgive myself.

              I do not demonize whole groups, because that word means something very different then What I’m doing. I’m calling out the platform, the way it is run, and clearly calling that those who are truly prolife should not be a part this platform by voting them in office.

              I am so convicted to not elevate a party, even by voting for a prolife candidate, that supports abortion. Usually – not always – those in said party are only prolife in part. I do not believe two wrongs make a right in God’s eyes, therefore even rape and incest objections in prolife discussion is very unacceptable.

              And of course I have many friends who vote Democrat and are partly prolife who say they are prolife. But the truth is they are not completely prolife if they believe in exceptions such as those. I too would always have the discussions one on one.

              I just have a platform here on the web, and if I don’t stand up for the innocent lives then I have to answer for it. I too, as we all do, have to answer to God for allowing a political party to be in office that does not believe in the sanctity of life fully as God does. That is lukewarm Christianity to me, and Christ discusses that.

              So all in all, I’m sorry you saw my passion as demonizing. It is instead a heartfelt plea to everyone to consider God first. None of the other issues are as important. They are important, just not as important as life. Clearly.

              The Democrat party on a whole states that they are pro-choice and whomever votes a prochoice candidate in has to answer for standing with them in that. I think talking to the prolife democrat candidates that say they are prolife separate and convincing them to be loud prolife voices is important, but voting for them isn’t changing the platform in which the top people on the party support abortion as moral.

              I hope that you will see that I just see this simply as answering to God in every single decision we make. It’s as simple as that.

              Blessings and as always, thank you for the discussion that more should be having.

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              • Susan Irene Fox says:

                Heather, I completely understand where your heart is, my friend. However, there is a difference between discussing platform and making the statement, ” voting for a Democrat in any election has come to mean that human life has no value ”

                I do not believe you can lump all people (and all Christians) who have called themselves Democrats into one, large pot. And yes, I think to do so demonized those individuals. You make assumptions about them without knowing them; without understanding who they are as individuals; without giving them an ounce of grace or love or compassion.

                When we do this, we give no encouragement to those who are attempting to change the platform from the inside; trying to make inroads so the party has ears to hear the gospel.

                Further, it removes hope from those pro-life Democrats seeking the support and encouragement of Christ followers like us – those who want to know they are not solitary voices; those who want to move the party away from the staunch and immovable position it finds itself in now.

                Thanks as always for listening.


                • Heather Mertens says:

                  Susan, I’m having a hard time not being hurt by your statement “You make assumptions about them without knowing them; without understanding who they are as individuals; without giving them an ounce of grace or love or compassion”, because that is simply not true about me. And anyone who knows me knows that’s not how I act or react. But to clarify, I do believe wholeheartedly with great sadness exactly what I said. It is true that “voting for a Democrat in any election has come to mean that human life has no value”by way of their platform. If a person votes for any democrat, whether or not they say they are prolife or not, further elevates the agenda of a platform that elevates abortion. I do not want to answer for that ever again. I have enough to answer for as a human sinner.
                  I’ve never been told by anyone who knows me that I don’t give an ounce of compassion and I’m sorry you choose to see me that way. It is simply not true about me. I’m not lumping people together. I preach against that and labels. I’m merely going by what happens when the party for abortion gets elected. Of course I can’t support those prolife Democrats because of that. That’s not lacking compassion or grace. I have compassion and grace for the unborn aborted babies, therefore I can’t elevate the party that does not.
                  I don’t want to disappoint my God like that.

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                  • Susan Irene Fox says:

                    As I said, Heather, I know your heart and I know you’re not intentionally withholding compassion. But I do believe that’s the end result when you draw a line in the sand against those who also believe abortion is wrong.
                    I, too, have compassion and grace for all those unborn children. At the same time, I cannot withhold love from those who run for office because they label themselves Democrats and disagree with the party line.
                    I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree on this one.


                    • Heather Mertens says:

                      I suppose. Although love does not mean elevating a platform, a belief, an agenda of sin and in this case murder, Susan. I draw a line at supporting that, not at love. You are reading into what I’m saying. Please don’t. Jesus never supported sin and still loved all people. You think he would vote for people who support a party that supports killing of innocent lives if He were voting? I do not. But it hurts that you are saying I’m saying I draw that line at loving others. That doesn’t convince me that you know my heart. :(


  4. writerwannabe763 says:

    I honestly don’t know how or exactly when abortion became a method of birth control and how it became such a prevalent way . I suppose it just happened insidiously and has now come to the point it has It saddens me so Diane

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