That is really the question. How do we know if God wants us to talk about our faith at work or school or really anywhere we go? Sometimes we should be patient about speaking up, or even hold back until we are sure we should. However, Christ Followers have gotten themselves in between a rock and a hard place when it comes to sharing their faith. But The Rock is the one we should depend on to guide us as we speak. And many times we miss opportunities to speak out when we’ve been made to feel, for years if no our whole lives, that we should be silent. So it may be hard, but if we don’t voice our beliefs and stand up for what we believe in, then we must ask ourselves where our loyalty lies. Does it lie with God and His Truth, or does it lie with our social acceptance and how others view us? God uses voices. He doesn’t need them. He chooses to use them. He chooses to use our voices.

I’m not referring to the times when we know to hold back with someone as He leads. His timing is far better than ours. We must walk and talk with care and forethought around those who are impressionable or unknowledgeable of the Truth of the Spirit.

“… that I may make it clear, which is how I ought to speak. Walk in wisdom toward outsiders, making the best use of the time. Let your speech always be gracious, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how you ought to answer each person. (ESV) Colossians 4:4-6

I’m referring to the voices for God’s Truth in business, friendship, politics, education. Everything … in everyday life… when we feel it in our spirit to say something. That’s the Spirit leading. By all means if you have sought God’s wise instruction in a particular conversation, as we all should pray for His guidance, and He tells you to wait, then wait on the Lord. It is all about what He knows. But there are way more times when we feel convicted to voice-up, but we don’t … and if we really think about why … we find they are for self-centered reasons. Mainly fear. Fear of being judged. Fear of losing a job. Fear of losing friends. Fear of the backlash in everyday.


We try to live like Jesus, don’t we?

At least we try to live like Jesus wants us to live. Did he let any fear stop him from speaking Truth boldly? I know He is God. But He is still or example since we are children of God. So why let fear stop us? Discernment should lead us. Knowledge and experience in God working in our lives should lead us. Wisdom should lead us. But let us choose to speak up. If we believe all this then we want to share it. Let us share Jesus with the world. Our wold.

It isn’t easy. I’ve done it too. I’ve been afraid to say something because the person might not like me anymore. I’ve been hesitant because I think it might push them away from God. I’ve been fearful of saying something because I might lose a job or a benefit in life. But I’ve heard God nudge me more and more. They are ready to hear what He asks me to share… Right WHEN He asks. He has prepared their hearts, if only for a seed to be planted.

So I ditched the fear and the selfish thinking and now I risk everything for sharing what might be a seed that saves them from an eternity without God or what might lead them closer to Jesus then they’ve ever been. We must all ask the same questions… and I asked myself for certain:

Why would I NOT stand up and be a voice when God asks? Just because I might lose something does not mean I was not supposed to share. I might lose… but they might gain a seed to the ultimate Gift. If we believe God provides for us, then He will provide for us in this way too.


We must not forget:
People in this world still die for standing up for Truth.

If we don’t voice our beliefs and stand up for what we believe in, then we must ask ourselves where our loyalty lies. Are we loyal to the God we say we follow and trust with every aspect of our lives? Or are we loyal only with ourselves – afraid to go against the crowd or be called out or be ignored? Don’t miss an opportunity He gives you. Be a voice for Him. I can tell you that when I listened carefully with determination is when God was free to work through me. Sometimes… I don’t even realize just how very much until later… or right when I share and their heart lights up in their eyes as if they NEEDED to hear what I shared. The Truth can set both of us free.





9 thoughts on “Are You Using Your Truth Voice? To Speak or Not to Speak…

  1. True, we need to stop being afraid to stand up for what we believe in. I’ve missed many opportunities because of fear that I would say something wrong or push people away from me, but now I try very hard to share my thoughts and beliefs with others and pray that God will move something in their hearts.

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    1. It isn’t always easy, is it? But it is always always worth it. I believe God wants us to depend on Him for these opportunities. I pray and ask for them.
      Thanks for your friendship, Brenda. I value you. 🙂


  2. Heather, it is within my friendship with you I have learned the importance of voicing our beliefs, even if we disagree. It is in those disagreements we come closer to God, learn more of His heart, learn to open our own minds and hearts, and learn to put aside our own egos so we can be open to His call and hear His Voice and Truth.

    You are a blessing to me, my sweet friend.

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    1. Susan, I appreciate you so much, just love your heart! I treasure the email encouragement and comments you send because in the midst of my heartaches and disappointments the past year, you have been a beacon of light and love to my soul. You’ve ministered to me and I am thankful. Your poetry and words have power and that power is God given to draw others nearer to Him. I alwasy appreciate all converations, even those as you mention in which people dont always agree. It is an opportunity each time to show respect and love… and to learn something.
      Bless you dear friend.

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