Have you noticed all the new “trends” in life? Some are great and fun and some are … not. And some are deceivingly great. The more trends going around among Christ Followers – in their everyday living out life and their vernacular – the more concerned I get that many will blindly and willingly follow some hip celebrity-like person trying to teach the Bible in a *new* way. One of those “new ways” that is off the path God intended for us.

I used to follow some trends… some fun ones like home decorating trends, maybe some fashion trends when I could afford them too. But I also followed some not so good ones. Definitely they were not great. God started to show me things and opened my eyes to them, or I should say that I started paying attention and applying His Truth to what I was seeing and participating in. I saw how very important it was to be true to who He made me… to be more like Jesus.

When things “look” like Jesus and sound cool and relevant, it puts us all in a dangerous position of being led astray. I don’t want to be relevant if it means losing ground with God’s Truth through His Word. I pray consistently that He would keep my ears and mouth and heart from detouring down a road following and participating in the trendy banter that is designed to get noticed. Christ Followers Take the Right True Path at the Fork in the Road

Only He should get noticed.





If we happen to be in the line of vision, as people what while He works, then we get to be blessed by being lit up in His glory as His own. But that’s only if we don’t go after the trendy to get noticed. So as we participate in the newness of today, we have to make sure it is okay with God.


We have to be discerning like never before. We have to watch out for things that make Christianity look like a religion instead of a relationship. We have to watch out for things that make us, as Believers, look hypocritical or lacking knowledge and wisdom, especially about our faith. The Enemy is ready to devour, and this world is ready to swallow us up… to hide us away never to speak of us again. But we must introduce them to Jesus. He is One never to forget, never to be hidden. Let us be careful in what we follow, what we participate in, what we promote. Prayer is everything, and we can pray for wisdom and knowledge… and both most assuredly helps us to discern.


Father, You are still just that… Our Beautiful Father.

Holy Spirit, You are always the relevancy in our everyday life.

Jesus, You are not trendy. You are unchanging, the same yesterday, today, and forever. The One to be honored in every word, every action, every post, every comment, every job, every relationship, every book, every talent.

Keep us pointing to You, God, not trying to get noticed, but sharing You. Honor that in all we do… we trust.





10 thoughts on “Trend-Following-Christianity Dampens the Light

  1. Yes, Heather! What a true and edifying post! God is steadfast; we should be, too. Popular opinion’s pull will lose its grip on us as we sink more and more into Him. He must increase, I must decrease. 🙂

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  2. Amen. Ephesians 1 presents Jesus in a big-picture, cosmic way & nicely summarizes God’s eternal plan. Once while studying it, the Lord showed me how His plan encompasses everything–EV-RY-THING. It got me thinking–I hear people asking God to make Himself relevant all the time, as if our passing culture is the center of everything. What are we doing to be relevant to Him? Outside of Him & His plan, there is no relevance. We only become relevant as we participate in what He is doing!

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    1. I love that Teague! Relevant to Him… in ev-ry-thing. That is how I strive to live ev-ry-day. Thankfully we don’t have to do it in our own strength, but with His help and guidance.
      Thanks for your support as I write more and more boldly here… and I love your boldness over at your blog as well!
      -Heather M

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  3. Amen! May we always be true to Jesus Christ and hold fast His truth in His Scripture by the power of the Holy Spirit to the glory of God our Father. God bless us.


    1. Amen, Eliza! May God bless us all who stand for Truth and Him alone. May our boldness reach hearts and souls for Christ in this ever fastly falling world. Thank you for your encouragement and God be with you always.

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