You’ve probably heard God provides. His provision is a massive part of Who God is… from life to eternity He provides for His people.

You’ve probably heard about manna. The bread-like substance that God provided to His people as they wandered.

But do you know what the word “manna” translates to literally? I laughed out loud when I heard this the first time.

“What is it?”

That’s what it means. And that’s what they asked God when He rained it down upon the hungry crowd. And I laughed because it reminded me of all the times we do that. We are so oblivious to what God is doing around us most of the time that all we can do is ask “what is it?”

We just aren’t that in tune with God and what He is doing the way we should be. This world consumes.

I remember when I went through the New Age bout 25 years ago. I thought I was so in tune spiritually. I was contemplative. I was connected. I tried to be aware of the higher power in the every day moments.

Of course there is a higher power than us. But not just a spiritual being connecting us from one way to another. Not just spirituality to find connection and fulfillment.


It’s not an it. It’s a Whom.

And I am so thankful that I did not lose Jesus in my New Age wandering.

So they WE stand…
With their OUR up and down faith and their OUR wandering to and fro God’s plan for their OUR lives…
all mixed up with their OUR mini-gods-of-everyday-life…

In need of sustenance.

God sends a sign, a need fulfilled, a path, an answer.

And they WE ask…


God must laugh sometimes too.

Shouldn’t we know our Shepherd’s voice better than any other? Shouldn’t we already know what it is when when He sends it? I don’t mean the times in life when we are truly seeking His guidance and it isn’t crystal clear … sure that happens and that is when our faith is valued and called upon again and again. That’s called growth. No, I’m talking about the vast majority of the miracles big and tiny that we live in and around every day.

We ask.
He answers.

“Oh, Father, you have supplied food for nourishment. Thank you!”

They needed food. Something fell. Literally.

We need. God rains down.

“Oh that, Jesus! Thank you for that! I didn’t expect that answer. I didn’t even think of that. I’d rather have had another answer, but this is Your way which is higher than mine.”

I do think God understands our “what is it?” questions. That is called grace, and it’s a beautiful thing!

But being so closely connected to the One who provides our “every day” helps us to hear and know Him better. I need this more than manna? How about about you?

Living ALL IN,



4 thoughts on “My New Age Wandering {Manna: What Is it?}

  1. amen – what a good read – such good description of manna surely fits your “all in” theme of your blog doesn’t Heather? Pray you are feeling well today! God bless!

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  2. So funny. I laughed when I first heard the definition, too. And I realized long ago that God does have a terrific sense of humor. So yes, when God grants me a blessing, and my first reaction is to say, “Really, God? That???” I step back a pace or two, take a breath, and say, “Thank you, Lord. I know this is a blessing. I know your timing is best. I don’t see it yet, but I know I will because Your will is perfect. :-j

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