I found myself in a state of shock for an instant, but then remembered quickly that nothing should surprise me anymore. Even logic has found itself thrown out the window. This culture we live in around the globe has become so illogical, uncaring, and hideously distorted all while claiming the exact opposite … in the name of peace and tolerance.


So what began as shock, but within seconds turned to heart wrenching pain, was what this pastor said. Yes. A pastor. Those who don’t believe in “religion” may or may not think that matters to the shock topic. But it does. Even in a secular environment. For if a person doesn’t go after and fully live with utmost integrity what they belief then how can anyone respect them? So when a pastor who claims to believe and follow the Christian faith says what this one is saying… even those who don’t follow or believe, those who appreciate the integrity factor, stop and shake their heads.

And if the so-called religious and faith filled people alike who claim to believe the same Bible have differing views of that same belief system, then integrity shatters across the board. Those who claim to believe the Bible who have compromised and “reinterpreted” it as this pastor is doing have no integrity in my personal opinion, because how can one who purports a specific belief system only to change it and pick and choose which parts to follow be trusted or respected? They don’t even trust or respect the very thing they claim but cherry pick from to fit their distorted views.

So what did this pastor say that sparked all of these thoughts in me?

I’m glad you asked, because THIS is a conversation that needs to be had.

This Presbyterian pastor (PCUSA) has sparked a controversy, an online debate. All because He has either lost sight of the very Truth that is in the Bible he claims to read or he never had it. His salvation is something I can not determine. Only God can and should do that.

But of course this distortion of truth which causes division in The Church is one reason I choose to not choose a denomination. Jesus did not support or promote one denomination so neither will I. And certainly not one whose agenda is more important than the Truth.

The best way to describe what this pastor said is for me to let you read it. So I’ll share the link. But first let me share my simple response to this man.

Why would you ever compare the Sovereignty of God with human choice? God making any decision is His right within His Justice and His Followers are to trust in that. To the contrary, any human taking the innocent life of a baby via abortion is never a Godly choice. It is a human killing a human. I speak from within an abortion experience unlike most – which you can find on my ministry site. I do not take this lightly as God does not.

By “hearting” PP in your light-hearted way, and saying you have supported what they do, is not a Godly thing to do. I should be shocked that you have a single person sitting in your congregation with your support of a place that boasts about their abortion stats, but anymore I am not shocked when I hear of people with such callous attitudes towards innocent lives. And sadly this world has become saturated with others that think like you do. It breaks my heart into a million pieces. I believe in helping the women find love and there within loving alternatives, because God loves.

Yes, he actually “hearted” Planned Parenthood. His words. Not mine. In fact that is what he titled his now viral post.

I Heart Planned Parenthood ~ by Pastor Andrew Kukla

It is quite amazing how even love has been distorted to an accepting culture. It’s almost as if they only see through distorted eyes. Or hardened hearts.

Still praying that the “Right to Choose” is finally seen by all as what it truly is… Destruction of life.