My Daughter: Why She Makes Every Day Mother’s Day

Through the last 20 years I have been complimented, hearing comments like: “Such a kind, considerate, compassionate young lady you have there”! I noticed the natural inner-magnet my daughter possessed when she was only a few months old. I quickly saw the innate ability God had put in her to capture the attention of even people simply passing her in the stroller. I was in awe! They would make it a point to come over to us. As odd as it seemed, I realized it had to be much deeper than just cute baby syndrome.

I claimed and captured every moment to build on that for God’s glory. I knew that I had to build on it so that one day she would know it was a gift and turn to God for her strength and peace. I knew early on that He was preparing her for something special and specific.

As she grew into the toddler years, her sincere meekness shined bright like a glowing jewel. The fact that such a young child could speak in such mature ways was almost unbelievable to others. Her courteousness and kindhearted ways was a mystery to them because they just couldn’t believe the words that came from her mouth – one that only belonged to a toddler.

This response grew and grew and grew. She would speak in such eloquent and thoughtful sentences. I, of course, had been thanking God for this all along. I heard comments like “Wow, I didn’t expect that response from such a tiny girl!” The reply I gave them was a smile and a sincere, “Thank you very much.” Because I was grateful in so many ways, I could only show gratitude.

This unique magnetic pull has never left her and she still exudes confidence and inner peace… and a burdened heart for others. For that I thank God with every breath. She has turned to Him for everything and hears His heart regarding others in her life. Although she started out very shy and is still very meek and lady like (thankfully!), she has learned that the slightest nice thing one person does for another can affect that person for life. The attention was being reciprocated by her caring heart.

I often (too often really) see children being not only disrespectful of those around them but it seems to go another level. They have no inkling of how to think of others first at any given moment. Their “equipment” is lacking. You are probably thinking “what!” What equipment can you give your child to be one that everyone enjoys being around instead of the alternative?

It all comes down to this… seize every moment. Don’t let a minute go by from day one to begin equipping your child. Of course all children come wired with different personalities, but that is not an issue, it is a blessing!

One problem is that consequences are often taught to kids who are already misbehaving… but what if all children were taught the consequences from day one? What if they knew ahead of time the consequence of a harsh tone of voice they might use. Or the result of a “bothered look” given to a hurting person. What if they knew the consequence of harmful pride and of thinking of themselves first. What if, as a parent, we would always give our kids a full explanation from the beginning instead of a curt “no” or “don’t do that” with no education as to why.

Tell them the “WHY” or “WHY NOT” of a situation before they are ever presented with the choice. Explain what happens in life if they do one thing or another. It is kind of like learning to drive a car… you learn first the rules and consequences, THEN you get behind the wheel and try it out. While you are driving you are constantly thinking about what you should do next to drive safely and avoid the bad consequences.

If we treat our children that way and bring them up with the knowledge and correct equipment, then the world would be full of kind, considerate, compassionate adults. If all parents talked to their children as if they were the individuals they truly are, and realize that our “ways” of teaching our children have their own consequences, then we would probably all get along a lot better in this world.

My child happened to be born with the innate ability to draw people to her like a magnet. But that was not and is not a prerequisite, it just made me realize what I should do.

All people are born with their own unique gifts thanks to a loving, caring God. I simply took what God showed me as a foundation block to build on, and I turned to Him for every parenting step.

I learned a tremendous lesson; one to treasure and now to teach. I knew I had to seize the opportunity from the beginning to equip my child with the desire to think and pray and be concerned with others at all times. Equip your kids and let the people around them rejoice at how pleasantly different they are in comparison to the tons of kids that are running amok. Seize every moment to be proud of your kids.

I KNOW I am a proud parent, BUT I am also a proud friend and Sister to this lovely human being I am blessed to call Daughter.

A Mother’s Day note to my daughter, because she’s the best Mother’s Day gift I’ve ever received:

Congrats, Emmy, on another university semester on the Dean’s list with a 4.0 AND working so diligently that at only 1/3 of the way through to your Religion degree you have achieved a Certificate of Biblical Studies AND begun your Apologetics studies (with me!) at RZIM Academy!!!

You. Are. Awesome!!!

From dancer to apologetics/theology student, your calling has touched so many lives. I can not begin to even describe how proud I am to know you!

Happy Mother’s Day to you all; to the mothers and grandmothers and all the beautiful women who care for others like a mother would. God bless you all.

~ Heather