Dear You,

Yes… You.

Everything you do in seeking God is working out as Good because He set forth a plan – a specific plan – for your life even before your birth. He did it knowing you’d hesitate, knowing you’d doubt, knowing you’d backslide, knowing you’d come back to Him… He did it knowing whether you’d choose Him too.

You hesitate for what?
Jesus never hesitated. He loved. Pure love. Everything was for you.

And YET He waits. On you. Patiently. He chose you anyway.

You, with what you see as faults, He sees as character growth.

You, with your doubt, He sees as wanting to know more to draw closer to Him.

He doesn’t need you to feel bad that you can’t memorize Scripture or to feel defeated when your body is not physically healed in every single illness or to feel scared when heaviness protrudes into your life. You will be tempted to do these things.

But instead He needs you to do only one thing – Trust in Thankfulness.

Pure and simple trust for His pure and simple love.

I know you know pain beyond measure, but He doesn’t need perfection. He just needs thankfulness and trust.

Trust. He’s got your back.
Trust. He wants to help you.
Trust. He has a plan for you.
Trust. He wants to give you eternal life and peace.

Whatever it is, wherever you are in your walk…
Just turn from man and turn to Him. Trust Him. Thank Him.

You can pray and then thank and praise Him. Just choose.

I am here to pray for you.

Live blessed,



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