I have a simple question to ask all those who say they follow Jesus. One simple question I heard that made me think very hard.

If you are accused of being a Christian, would there be enough evidence to convict you?

I want to walk accused and convicted.

If I don’t, then I am afraid I will become of no use to a world full of people who desperately need love and compassion.

We are all watched by others. What are we doing to show them Jesus and look back into their eyes and say “I notice you. You are loved.”

We’ve got to love this out if we say we believe it. #ALLIN


17 thoughts on “Accused and Convicted {That’s Me, I Hope}

  1. I heard on the radio the actor Ted McGinley who said if asked to, he could never flat-out refuse Jesus. He would never reject Him. Could I be as brave? Your post reminded me of that statement by McGinley and – yes! I want to be convicted for loving Christ! And I too want people to see it, for my adoration to be unmistakable. Thank you so much for sharing!

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    1. So cool that you told me that story, because – while many have asked something similar – he was in the movie I heard thos question in! It is the new movie called “Do You Believe?” I have seen a LOT of movies in my life and I believe this is the best one I have ever seen.


  2. Great question, Heather. I pray most of time I there would be enough evidence. I’m certain there would also be times when some could point a finger and say, “But what about the time…?”

    I do realize I must look at myself – my words, my actions, my intent – and be truthful about them every day. I must ask myself, “Did I follow Jesus today?” “Did I embody the Holy Spirit today?”
    If I answer, “No,” then I must ask forgiveness and help for tomorrow, and accept His new mercies in the morning. I must do my best to walk more closely with Him. Because I certainly want to feel His embrace at the end.

    Thanks again, Heather, for your courage to love me the way you do. Love you, my sister. ❤

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  3. Your post is really good. Your challenge is one that is needed in the lives of believers in Christ, now, more than ever before. Please keep up the good work.

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  4. I find that ONLY when I keep my eyes on Jesus (i.e., not on myself, or whether there is evidence) does there appear any Love, Truth and Grace for others.

    The enemy wants us to take our eyes off of Him and onto us, thus blocking the channels of God’s Grace Truth and Love flowing into the world.

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