The Story of My Healing: How Healing Moments Lead to Ultimate Healing {SDG Part 4}

I have waited 17 years to tell this story this publicly. It’s time. It’s certainly time.

I sat there listening intently to the words coming out of that Prison Minister’s mouth. No, I wasn’t in prison. Or wait…

I suppose I was in my own prison.

So I listened to the Pastor who traveled to prisons to win the hearts and souls for Christ as God had ordained Him to do. He reached out to those who chose the bars of a prison cell by the actions they had committed. He was visiting our church that evening to share those stories with us, and to speak of healing as it fell inside God’s plan.

I may have not chosen those steel prison cell bars in my life during those first 27 years, but I certainly had chosen to accept prison bars around my heart, my soul, and my mind. Bars that kept me tied to a fear and loathing that was too hard to bare. Bars that no one could break except Jesus, the One who was standing in that prison cell with me.

But that night I heard this Pastor’s call to pray with such great resounding echoes in that church that the words came at me lightening fast. I sat there hearing his call to anyone who wanted to pray for healing. I had read in the Bible that not everyone was healed (like Paul with that thorn in his side), but also that it was not God who inflicted us, but rather He allowed certain things to happen to us that would then see glory brought to Him when it was brought to Light in an ugly dark world.

I decided to stand when I heard “Go and be healed.


“I want that healing, God. I have been talking this over with you for a very, very long time. Tonight, I believe you want to work that miracle.”

I really want to share with you about what happened that very moment… after I stood up and made my way to healing. There were so many healing moments along my 20+ year journey that culminated in that miraculous moment. So very many. But I knew. That night was different. It was very holy.

I’ve never shared on my blog what I share here; I’m proud to share the entire miracle story in the final part of my Trapped Mind series at Soli Deo Gloria Sisterhood.

Don’t miss the beat of my heart… that moment that changed my life forever. I’ve wanted to share these details publicly for 17 years. Now is the time.

Live Blessed,
~ Heather


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