I’m refocusing as I mentioned a couple weeks back. I intend to get back to sharing what God has done and taught me through the depression and healing, my marriage, my parenting, and the illness that I am living with right now. In all those circumstances, God showed me the real reason for living this life… the very reason of life…

The Eternal Perspective.

There must be more to life than just breathing. Drone behavior marked by the rising and setting of each day’s sun. There must be more to this thing which we all step into the same way ~ as babes unknowing ~ and that which we all step out of the same way ~ as humans yet unknowing what lies on the other side. After all my searching and the severe hardships I have had, after all my wandering into the depths of the human experience, I can not see anything that points to this life being all we have. For if it were, what would be the reason to carry on? Legacy? Invention? Human progression? Achievement for the greater good?

Why? What would any of those things give to a society, a whole earth full of people, generation after generation after generation, that could possibly make a difference?

IF that were true, that would make the only thing worth striving for ~ on this dirt mound we call home ~ a longer life. And to what end? More chance to suffer and live believing that we only belong to that very dirt mound?

No. The very existence of this dirt globe and everything in it cries out that it has a Creator. And therein lies the journey to answer that age old question:
Why am I here?

The Eternal Perspective.

That’s why. And I can’t wait to dive into what I have waited years to do. It is time.

My all new website is finally done! And my email newsletter {which you might be reading this in right now} will have an all new layout next week.

The site has so much to explore that will grow, and the newsletters will have new articles, chapters from my books as I finish them, announcements, and some other things like Bible studies and downloads that many have shown interest in this past 3 years. I’m soooooo excited about what God is doing!

If you don’t get those newsletters you can! Just sign up over here.

The long-time webbuilding gal in me is so glad I have finally finished my COMPLETELY all new website. The foggy-brain Fibro part of me is so glad I finally finished it too. But the happiest part of me is the Jesus-girl who longs to share God’s Truth and Love to everyone who finds my site. It is my soul-deep life experiences that I share about inside God’s Truth that get the most heartfelt discussions.

So while the site will evolve into more as it grows when I share more, it is far easier to navigate and search to share those things that God has called me to share. It is so different from ever before! The purpose jumps off the pages, and for that I am so grateful.

I pray what I share touches more hearts and more souls. I pray for you.

Come on over and browse around!
40YearWanderer | Heather Mertens


And, what do you think would be a good name instead of “newsletters” for all that is coming? I really don’t like that word… newsletter. How about “snippets”? I used to use that word before. Also I used “Wanderings”. Or “sharings”. Okay, another word maybe? Which do you like better? Maybe you have a better name? Come on by the blog on my new website and let me know!

Live and love blessed,


6 thoughts on “The Eternal Perspective

  1. looking better every day! You are doing things I wish I could do and I look forward to every step you are taking on your new journey! You know, Paul was in prison – and his surroundings must have been stuff of horror stories – yet he made it so much more – like he was ignoring what the world could do to him – so, for a new name for your newsletters – what about just “letters?” What Paul wrote we know as letters right? Just a thought….

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  2. I like that Mark. “Heather’s Letters” maybe. It is simple and too the point. 🙂 I will see if I get any other ideas. Going to inquire on my FB page too. 🙂
    I often have said I connect with Paul – as I used to be a hater (myself and that transferred to others and much unhealthy anger) and so “no more Saul, now I am Paul” just resonates with me.

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