Last week I sent out a request here that flew on angel wings around this globe. And wow did you respond! It is a phenomenal love for God that a person has when that person, who is on the other side of world, would pray for me… a person they have never met in person. Phenomenal. And I have been overwhelmed with all the love and prayers. I haven’t had a lot of energy to respond to all the emails and texts and messages, but I have come beautifully undone in spirit with every single one of them. I have good news to report! But first let me share that day with you…I cried 4 times.

It was a hard day for all of us… for my husband, for my daughter, and for me. But God was with us every moment. And so were you. But I cried. And not for all the reasons that would first come to one’s mind.

I cried during prayer that morning.

I was so grateful that God has sent so many to pray for me. I have witnessed an outpouring of prayer many times in my life, but to witness such amazing love from people all around the world who only know me through what I share here was something I could not put into words. So my tears were my way of worship in thanksgiving.

I cried when we were on our way to the appointment.

There he stood at the intersection. His clothing old and tattered. The cold weather bearing down on him. His cardboard sign nearly easy to miss. His need written all over his face. My daughter handed me one of the hat and gloves set we carry in our car to bless others as I was getting the food gift card for the same purpose out of our glove box. Simultaneously, my husband begin to roll down the window and motion to this gentle man in need. As my husband handed him these things from the heart of our family the man smiled. As the light turned green and traffic proceeded to move off slowly we heard him say, “Cooool.” The smile he had worn grew much bigger. I cried. I knew that his response meant that he felt that someone cared enough to think of him before hand. We don’t have much, but we have plenty. We can always share our plenty.

I cried at the appointment that day.

The uterine biopsy was an extremely painful procedure. Extremely. While the Fibromylagia that I deal with likely made the procedure harder for me to deal with, I’d still have to rate it as one of the worst pains I have ever felt. Thankfully I was blessed with a doctor who was amazing and caring and so was her nurse. They were beyond even the most caring I’ve ever experienced.

And I cried when I got home.

Tears did not refrain from streaming down my face when I thought about how caring my husband and daughter are. Their level of sacrifice is pure. It is Jesus love in action. They carry a burden of love for me that cannot be put into words. And neither can my thankfulness.

I waited over a week for the results to come back. Because of the infection and this procedure, my body experienced a fibromyalgia flare up so I even did some crying during that week. Crying doesn’t make us weak. Crying brings us relief. I cried right into the arms of God.

And I cried in thankfulness when I heard.

Praise to my beloved Jesus! My biopsy and blood tests came back normal! No uterine cancer or abnormal cells, no PCOS or endometrial disease… and negative (in a good way) on a whole bunch of other things.

That basically leaves major hormone imbalance which is what I thought all along for the problems occurring. Hormone deficiency happens with both Fibromyalgia and peri-menopause (which I am in). They needed to check though to rule out the majors, and I’m glad they did even though that biopsy was a nightmare.

This leaves me with some difficult decisions on how to tackle it since my Fibromyalgia body can’t really take the procedure which would likely be the best option to help. I’ll be praying over what is the best route. God will provide.

I am so thankful that no major abnormalities were found. Praising Jesus! Thank you, thank you, thank YOU for your prayers. My love to you for thinking and praying for me and my family.

I don’t have a pretty picture to share this week. But I do have this:

If you don’t have this kind of love in your life, then please be open to it because there is truly nothing else like it. If you don’t have Jesus in your life to the fullness in truth that He is, I would love to share Him with you. I also would like to pray for you. Because I want to love.

~ Heather


12 thoughts on “When a Woman Cries {An Update Full of Tears}

  1. I’m so glad that certain serious issues were ruled out… but so sorry it was so painful. Could they not have given you something for the pain… ? In any case, I do so hope that your health issues ease for you and you find some respite….. Diane

    p.s. totally unrelated to your health but I found your comment about keeping a ‘food gift card’ for times like you did interesting. I thought that was such a good idea…. but what kind of card do you get.?My husband and I were wondering. You may not get a chance to answer any of your comments for a while…. I understand…. take care Diane

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    1. Thank, Diane. I really do appreciate you so much.
      Unfortunately the doctor said the thing they could give me to dull the pain would be like a shot there in that area and would cause the same pain basically. I do think my Fibro made it worse than it should have been since it is an overactive messed up nerve issue. But I said, “Oh. Just get in and get out then.” Hahaha!
      The way we decided which restaurant to get food gift cards from is bascially decided by the main intersections where the most need persists… where they stand with signs in other words… it’s whatever fast food places are near there. We don’t want to add the burden of travel to their lives. Also, we do not give to everyone we see. We rely heavily on the Holy Spirit and pray through it.
      Hopy you are feeling better. ❤


    1. Yes, He is and forever so faithful! Thank you for praying and believing with me. I hope things are better for you. You’ve been brought to my mind in prayer many times, friend. I am so excited about your soon-to-be-grandmother status!!


  2. Yay! I’m so glad you didn’t receive any cancer reports from your tests. Thanks for sharing the results of prayers. We don’t always hear the answers so quickly. And I know there will be more need for prayers too, so those are going up right now!

    So blessed to read the segment too about giving away food gift cards. Those touches of love make such a difference to people devoid of it. I love hearing those same stories from the recipients’ view as well. We have several homeless friends, and they often tell us of how someone blessed them in that way.

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    1. I agree wholeheartedly. Those touches of love. I love how you put that. I want to make a difference every day that I breathe. At least I want to be willing to do that inside God’s plan as He allows. Thank you for your encouragement Lisa.


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