Friends, My Family Needs Your Prayers Today

Today is the day. I have the uterine biopsy. Would you pray for my daughter and husband? I know that you love to pray.

They need prayer as much as I do. I love them dearly. I’m really quite in awe of how peace filled my daughter is over these things. Remember what I wrote about her the night my husband was in the hospital near death? She has a peace that truly is not explained by human ability. But she does carry some burden inside as we all do. That comes out in her body referred as mine does.


My husband has been worrying for two weeks since I found out I had to have this biopsy. It certainly has taken a toll on his body. I’ve encouraged him to remember how God carried him through that medical scare back then and certainly a few other big events in recent years.

Sometimes I wonder. I wonder if by my intentional decision to be an encourager, I’m seen as never having really hard moments. Real life moments. I wonder if all those people who tell me “you are so strong!” see that it isn’t my strength at all. It is God.


Life is hard for me too. It’s really really really hard for me right now with the illness and this other issue. I don’t worry. Well things come to my mind, but I choose to say “Here, God, take this. I can’t deal with it.”

And I know He will. But the stress of it all comes out in my body. Yeah. Some days I’m just a broken mess. Broken I tell you. I wonder if some don’t like it when I’m being downright real about my own life not feeling so strong?

I figure if no one sees the “real” then how are they going to see the Glory.

About today, I am hoping and praying that it does not hurt at all. I REALLY appreciate all those who have sent me messages and comments about keeping me in your prayers. These things could be traumatic on a body with nerve issues. I can take pain, but never know how much my body will ramp up the level of something that should just be uncomfortable. I doubt I hear results this week, but am praying I don’t have to wait too long. I really don’t have symptoms that would alert them to anything major, so I am praying it is just pre-menopause gone haywire… and that there is an easy, safe fix. Preferably a natural route. The symptoms do have me on my knees in pain sometimes… or reduce me to a ball of fatigue other times… and then there are the migraines at times. I barely can leave the house other times. Then other times the vertigo is horrible. Something’s gotta give.

It hasn’t been an easy road my family has been been traveling the last many years. But you know what? It’s been a beautiful one. I want them… these two I’ve been given to love deeply… to feel this incredible peace I feel today. God’s got this. All. The. Way.

I just want you to know how much your prayers, your messages, and your comments have meant to me. I really mean more than I can put into words. It all helps in my quiet moments by myself… when I am thinking. I thank God for you.

Live and LOVE blessed,


11 thoughts on “Friends, My Family Needs Your Prayers Today

  1. Planting Potatoes says:

    of course, you know I am praying for you today – but mine is but one voice joining many that are shouting your name in heaven – as if we need to – because you know God already knows right? No fear – God’s got this – amen!!!!!!!!!!! ;)

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  2. poetry joy says:

    Heather, thank you for sharing the gritty reality of a life circumscribed by chronic illness and pain. You speak for all of us who suffer similarly, and you are a shining example of faith in action. This is so true:”I figure if no one sees the “real” then how are they going to see the Glory.” Amen! In sharing your “real” you reveal God’s greater reality for your life.
    Praying for you today. May you and your loved ones rest easy in the supernatural peace and grace which God gives those who trust in Him. Xx

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  3. Mary Adrienne says:

    I pray our Lord holds you and your family in His loving care, strengthening each of you for the tasks you face this day and in the coming days. I pray that you each feels His presence, lifting you, blessing you, and helping you to carry the burdens you’ve been given. In Christ’s name I pray. Mary

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