Dear You,
Yes, you. You who need prayer and encouragement through this fiery painful trial in life. You who can’t seem to find the end of this unknown season. You who feel lonely even with loved ones surrounding you. You who has every right to think on the “if only” things. Know this dear heart… There is a purpose and nothing is in vain. You’ll know that deeper and deeper as truth if you put your full trust in Jesus. ALL IN. Just breathe. ~ ❤️

Just Breathe.

I was awake in the wee a.m. again this morning. This is happening more lately because I’ve not been able to take all my serotonin/sleep therapy med because of the infection. I also have been battling throat burning acid and those weird “spot moving” abdomen pains again. They come and go and move around all over. So frustrating.

I do feel much better regarding the infection I had been fighting so long… my kidney no longer hurts! But still some issues that I hope will be figured out at my biopsy on the 9th. There will be a sedation process.

Dear friends, I must tell you I’m a bit nervous about that part. I know there isn’t anything seriously wrong. They won’t find anything major. Amen! But the sedation part? My Fibro mind and body can’t handle the thought of being aware for procedures, but I also don’t like the idea of not knowing or remembering important things. I have to be alone for this procedure. Worse!

BUT GOD! He is with me.

I know He will be there with me. While all these issues seemed non-related for years – probably decades – many of them are related through this PNS disease. Hormones. Chemicals. Body is simply “off”. But I’ve been “off” my whole life. 😉 Here is what I KNOW.

The power of Christ is PHENOMENAL. When I was 27 I was miraculously healed of brain disease/clinical depression that I had suffered with since a child. It was a miracle healing which everyone in my life saw. And now I am fighting Fibromyalgia with the same faith and ultimate knowledge that I am healed. But until that manifests I will allow this “thorn in my flesh” to be used by God to bless others and me in many ways. I have already seen great blessings come to people around the world from my sharing my faith through this season. Even through ministering to people. What an honor for me to bless and encourage and love others through and because of Christ. I am willing to be used by God inside His plan and His perfect timing because His Grace is sufficient for me. But I know that healing is coming! Amen!

I have just learned to be very cautious in how I share it… what words I use. He has taught me immensely through these experiences and has given me opportunity to share it in mighty ways. He said troubles would come, and yet He would be with us through them. He certainly has proven that to me.

Please help me make this journey touch as many lives for God as possible. That’s what I long for in it. I encourage you to invite anyone you know who needs encouragement and love to send me a friend request on Facebook or share this website with them. I want to love. I used to be a SAUL. No more. Now I’m a PAUL. Why? Because He showed me hate is like an inside weapon going off slowly, killing the heart and soul of a person. Love is the healer of inside mass destruction. I chose LOVE.

I see God’s great plan for this thing I do here… opening up like a beautiful flower under the sunlight of each new day of grace.

My love to you.

Live Blessed,


17 thoughts on “There IS a Purpose: Nothing is in Vain

    1. Your prayers, Barbie, mean so much to me. ❤️ I’ve been moved by your posts as well. I think it is important to healing how you’ve allowed yourself to be so beautifully vulnerable. We are in His Palm together. You’ve been in my prayers too. Much.


  1. You know my story Heather and God spoke to me in 2013 of the mantra “Nothing is wasted in God”. Little did I know then how things would deteriorate for me in 2014.
    But as I begin to emerge from the firestorm that has been my life these 5-6 months, I can already see a chance that even this trial (not yet over) truly is not wasted in God. I believe He is going to present opportunities for me to serve Him in a way I couldn’t before this series of “unfortunate events” (to quote Lemony Snickett!

    I’ve been so sorry to read of how your health has taken a turn for the worse these last couple of months my friend. I do pray for you often and ask that God draws you ever closer to Himself and soothes you in your spirit, mind and your body too.
    Sending you a very big hug.

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  2. good word that I identify with – do you know all the brain surgeries I had – the stroke – was the most peaceful time of my life? Sounds weird doesn’t it? And yet….because God was with me – and I trusted him so much – it was the most peaceful time in my life! I sense you have the same peace! God bless!

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  3. Dear Heather,
    You have been, are still, and will be in my prayers, sweet sister. You love because God loves you – wholly, unconditionally, gracefully. You are His beloved and precious daughter. Each day contains the possibility for new mercies, courage, hope and transformation through Christ.
    All my love,

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  4. May you feel God’s presence throughout your procedures and may you be at peace in his mighty arms of love. I’ll second your testimony to God’s healing power. My husband is alive today because God brought back his white blood cell count three days sooner than anyone expected when he was fighting cancer and ravaged by a blood yeast infection. He performs miracles today, without a doubt!

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  5. Dear Anita, I have been slow to reply because of all that is been going on but I wanted to thank you for your prayers and encouragement. And I also wanted to say that I am so happy about the miracles your husband experienced. God does still work miracles today! All of my tests were negative in a good way! Thanks again! God bless you.


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