Into the Woods: We Couldn’t Wait to Get Out


I rarely review movies … in fact I have only written about one here on my blog. And I know movies are subjective. But I must let people know about this, especially those with small children who would appreciate being warned.

Into the Woods… We couldn’t wait to get out. Disney, Disney, Disney. WHAT were you thinking?!

It was so creepy and the ending made no sense at all. We are Disney fans and stage theater fans, as probably everyone who knows us is well aware. This was so disappointing. WOW am I glad we didn’t take a young child. It would be a shame to have to explain, appropriately:

– a very creepy song which has the wolf/man licking his lips in anticipation of eating the little girl.

– the little girl saying that he was “exciting” but “scary”.

– the “swallowing” of the little girl.

– the baker’s wife saying that maybe cheating on her husband with the married prince and keeping her husband and baby was ok.

– the woods becoming a tempting “character” near the end.

– the wicked stepmother cutting off a toe and a heel on the stepsisters to attempt to get their feet to fit Cinderella’s slipper.

– random character deaths.

– the little girl (Red Riding Hood) questioned the killing of the giant as morally wrong but immediately that was dropped to kill the giant.

– no redemption as Disney movies have.

Of course I understand this was a stage play first, that original fairy tales were grim many times, but Disney advertised this as totally different.

We even appreciate fantasy stories {we are OUAT and Marvel fans after all} and the special effects were great … but the story was disjointed, there were plot holes galore, pointless songs, gratuitous parts… unfinished, and strange. The entire theater walked out with no smiles and we heard people apologizing to each other for going. It’s at least 4 songs too many as well. Oh how we agree with the tons of bad reviews on the web, and wish we could get those two hours back!

I don’t recommend any child seeing this. I really don’t recommend anyone seeing this. I’m not in the habit of nitpicking, because one person’s “art” isn’t another’s, so let me just say in a world where we have tons of creepy things in real life to explain to our children, as they are ready, this isn’t one that needs to be added to the list.

Plus… I was bored!

~ Heather


6 thoughts on “Into the Woods: We Couldn’t Wait to Get Out

  1. walter bright says:

    Oh snap, my two precious ones saw it with their mom. I see why they don’t even want to talk about it. I thought I should go see it out of curiosity… but I guess it’s not worth it.
    Thanks Heather… you should do more movie teviews… this one is pretty good.

    Liked by 1 person

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