There is a majority of a couple of generations out there that sees Christianity as a religion and not a relationship, a perch of self-righteousness instead of a doorstep of love, and a pulpit instead of a heart. Christ followers must all live each day so that humbleness, love, and compassion shows. We must show God’s heart.

Why are these generations turning away?

I believe it is because The Church has largely failed to acknowledge them, include them, and show them love. I certainly know a lot of churches (the people in the buildings) who are not failing at these things, but up until the past few years it appears The Church as a whole has really dropped the ball on these younger generations. The statistics of young people not living a life for Christ are staggeringly scary.

However, if we each meet these generations where they are with love that they recognize as genuine, then they won’t be on the outside looking away. They will be looking in saying, “I want that peace.” They will want to know who this Jesus is.

Live Blessed,


5 thoughts on “The Reason the Younger Generations Have Abandoned Christianity

  1. I think some young people… in particular teenage and early adults think of God as being ‘there’ during crises but don’t think about him during the day to day events of their lives. Going to church is just not a thought that they feel is necessary.. God is put on a ‘shelf’ until the next crisis…. Diane


  2. Many churches are not providing what people need today, especially our younger generation. In this broken world, we need to hear a message that gives guidance and encouragement, love and kindness and above all – hope for eternal life.


  3. Heather, you’re right that the statistics don’t look good for the faith outcomes of the young. More than ever the older believers must model a close relationship with Christ rather than a religion. I’m thankful that our small church has a youth pastor who not only loves the Lord; but he loves the youth. God is Love.

    Blessings ~ Wendy ❀

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