The past week has brought heart and soul strife. The kind that leaves you just shaking your head in disbelief. The kind where you are so hurt that you just feel the return to peace is too high of a cost. You know what I am taking about, don’t you?


They hurt others because they choose to hurt others. And they twist words to a fit so pointed that the darts they throw are tiny shards of sin aiming straight at your heart.


I have a story to tell you… two in fact… from this past week. I usually don’t tell stories so quickly. I pray over things that happen, I forgive them, and I listen for God’s voice over all the clamoring gongs of turmoil. Oh, I’ve listened for God this time, as I always try to do. And this time His words and comfort came so quickly that my heart and soul are settled:


It’s time to dust off the feet, friends.


There are many “isms” that cause a spasm in our lives, aren’t there, Beloved Friends? There are some “isms”, like truisms, that carry the weight of Truth in them so as to shine light. I love those “isms” for they cause no spasm. It’s the many others – the bad “isms” – that inflict pain that cause this gal to run to pray against the temptation of a hardened heart. Racism, skepticism (of those speaking in love), absolutism, humanism. It’s a long list.


It is all just absurdism.


And social media makes it all worse. I use my social media wisely… to live, learn, and love… but others use it to spread their “isms”. You know. Those “social” places where even when others know their names, there is that wee-bit of anonymity that empowers them to jump out and attack. And even those people we know in real time… they aren’t “really” in our living rooms, so they answer their inner desire to slam their “isms” on us.

I love to discuss all things in respectful ways {there is that live, learn, love thing}, and anyone who truly reads my words here or on social media knows that about me. But when the bad “isms” start to fly like lies with wings fast and furious – as they did this past week – this gal wants nothing to do with it.


And so it goes…
She posted a comment {among many} that begged a certain a question:

If I didn’t have (class, homework, work, whatever), then I’d be at the protests in Ferguson.


Now when people post on social media, they want “social” interaction, do they not? Well of course. Other wise they would speak it to someone in their living room {ahem}. The question that comment begged for discussion? The one my daughter was bold enough to ask in a loving way to a person she had spent two years with at a common grounds place:

Why? When everyone waited for the evidence (some didn’t wait before spewing hatred), the officer was found innocent, and only practicing self and community defense, by medical examination of both parties and eye witness accounts that stood the test of scrutiny of truth, what is left to protest? And why would anyone want to be where property was being destroyed and people were getting hurt? How does that help?


Now my daughter wrote her question in a very loving way; I just paraphrased it above. If you follow my daughter’s writings, you’d know beyond a shadow of doubt how lovingly she engages people. Of course if you have an agenda as large as her friend did, you’d ignore the fact you know that Emerson is loving, just to throw out the bad “isms”. The AGENDA.  {I hate agendas. I might have mentioned that a time or two in my life and ministry.}

And this “friend” and her friends, some of which were well into adulthood, started hammering my daughter’s intent by telling her she was horrible for even asking. What they did was claim that my daughter was a racist, and not a good Christian for asking. Why did they say these things? All because she believed the evidence as presented by the governing body in charge of finding out the truth… all because she is white and so was the officer. Now tell me… isn’t that attack full of “racism” itself? Yes. Yes it is.


You believe them because they are white. – The Crowd raged on.


They totally skipped over the part Emerson wrote about how there are better ways to make changes to those things that need changed besides rioting and destroying property and lives. They totally skipped over the part about how loving one another means understanding that a family is hurting because they lost a loved one, but it also means treating all parties with fairness and respect. They totally skipped over the part where the boy wasn’t a boy, he was a man who made choices that brought him to the place of consequence. They totally skipped over the part where the “unarmed boy” was trying to take a weapon from an officer in a fight instigated by himself… taking a weapon means he would be armed. They totally skipped the part where one doesn’t have to have a gun to have a weapon… people are beaten to death with weapons called hands. I could go on and on, but these points are understood by rational thinking humans and moot to those who have an agenda to push. My daughter understands that there is evil in this world that people perpetrate, and that Satan is behind every bit of it. I also understand that. But people make choices to follow that evil and they pay the consequences in this life. It is all very sad. It is sad that someone died that day. And it is said that it almost was the other person. It’s all incredibly sad. But to attack someone in a genuine conversation on a post that is meant to garner conversation. They skipped over so much truth.

What they did not skip – but ran right over to – was the “racism” in an awful circular argument by using racism against my daughter. Racism goes both ways, folks.

Yes, slavery was horrid. Yes, equality discrimination in the last 100 years based on color is horrid. But so is lumping all white people together and destroying property and wanting revenge. By the way, it isn’t fair to say that white people have not experienced oppression and slavery. All one needs to CHOOSE to do is educate themselves on what the actual Pilgrims went through before they came here to be free. They were slave to a monarchy that told them they couldn’t have a Bible or assemble together in the True Word of God. Many suffered this oppression of inequality and slavery for years and years, before one hundred and two of them got on a boat and became half as many through disease on that trip… all to find freedom.

By the way…
No one can say this country wasn’t founded by Christians… except disingenuous folks… but that is an article for another day.

No one should even compare their past, or their ancestors past, since they don’t even know where the other’s ancestors came from. Some white people are decendents of the Jewish that were slaves to Nazism. Another horrid “ism”.

Please, why all the yelling at each other to say “my experience is worse than yours”? How about just lovingly share experiences, past and present, and try to understand the basics of each and the Truth that sets it all free?


The end of the matter; all has been heard. Fear God and keep his commandments, for this is the whole duty of man. For God will bring every deed into judgment, with every secret thing, whether good or evil. ~ Ecclesiastes 12:13-14


It’s hard, friends. Like this experience my daughter had was super hard, because she cared that much. These people? This “friend” of my daughter who claimed to be Christian (part of that common ground place where they met)? Her mother who “unfriended” me on social media after this… and all after she had reached out to me two years later from that common ground place we all knew each other to help encourage me through my illness? They didn’t care. Disingenuous, indeed.

They hurt others because they choose to hurt others. And they twist words to a fit so pointed that the darts they throw are tiny shards of sin aiming straight at your heart.


It’s no wonder the world talks about Christians the way it does. Christians throw “isms” around like it is fine, even ordained by God… who by the way hates the bad “isms”. I hate them too. Why? Because they hurt. But then I remember, as I have retreated to protect myself from the heart hardening effect those “isms” have…


Those people CHOOSE to offend. And in reality… I choose to be offended.
So today, I choose differently after contemplation and learning from God …


No more offending me. Offend my God though? And we will be having a talk.


Oh… I am spent emotionally. The other story has many lessons on this “racism” thing too. Perpetrated against me after I asked someone about a comment they left on social media to me that I didn’t want to make assumptions about. I truly wanted to learn, to get an answer. I will write about it in the next few days. I just don’t have the energy to pour it out today after this. It’s heavy stuff, friends.

Maybe you are reading this and you want to justify what people like this do? Maybe you are reading this and you do these things? Can you just stop and listen to the pain you cause? God never called us to that. Let us dialogue in loving manners.

Likely, you are reading this thinking about the times you have been mistreated this way. I feel for you, Beloved friends. All I can really say with certainty is this…


He will bless you for it.

Live Blessed,


8 thoughts on “Racism, Skepticism, and Other “Isms” {Why People Choose to Offend}

  1. Heather, I’m so sorry to hear that you and your daughter’s good intentions were met with hate. Hate is never a good answer. After having lived as a minority in a different culture for a two year spell, I learned that underneath it all everyone’s in need of grace and racism can happen in any direction.

    Regardless of the color of our skin, each and every heart is in need of a Savior. We are all equal in every respect and loved equally by a God of love.

    Blessings as you keep on loving ~ Wendy ❀


  2. Heather, thank you for this. Thank you for being brave enough to share and Christian enough to speak truth. It doesn’t happen often enough. Heart Hugs, Shelly ❤


    1. Shelly, I just wanted to tell you again how much my heart and soul appreciates your encouragement and lifting up. It helps me to keep my eyes on what God has planned through what I share. Blessings to you, dear Sister.


  3. I believe, having been on the receiving end, that when another Christian hurts you it is felt twice as bad as if it was a non-Christian. .. Somehow although we know we all sin and fall short, we still do think that a Christian knows in their heart that God’s greatest commandment is to love God and others.. So we believe that they might use another way of communicating to us personally if they have a concern or question… instead of attacking and inflicting hurt upon us. God is certainly not pleased by this and will surely let them know in His own way. Of course you need to let it go, but I also know it is very difficult… Your very spirit is ‘bruised’… Diane


    1. That’s a very honest way of saying it, Diane. It is “bruised”. That is excellent to describe why the hurt last so long. Bruises take much time to heal. You are a blessing to me beyond words, Diane.


  4. This is a great look at “isms” and how we misconstrue much to make ourselves look good or at the same of being right. Thank you for saying what many others are quietly thinking. I know God is loving your heart that is going ALLIN for Him. Thanks for being you!


    1. Mary, sometimes even when we are trying so hard to not even ride the line of pride about the stage of our faith walk, we still long to hear our Brothers and Sisters in Christ lift us up in encouragement. You do that with so much love I nearly physically feel it! I’m thankful God gives me these God-hugs. So thankful I know you.


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