In my mind I can think of a million shards of memories that try to come together to remind me of a life in torture that I used to live. Those moments. Those which found me screaming out in wretched pain. Those which found me wanting to just sleep and never wake up.

No one has any inkling, even when I put into words, how horrible… and lonely… it was for me all those years ago.

But I’m so thankful. Beyond words.

Why? Because those memories do not come together to form that same puzzle anymore. I am actually thankful for those memories. For they remind me…

They remind me that I looked up and chose to continue on. I was always walking in the Plan… and I finally saw the Truth. I’ve got the Puzzle Maker… the Plan Maker. The Architect.

Jesus was always in it.


Now those shards come together, perfectly glued to form a picture that I love today. Those parts and pieces were allowed to shatter for what came later… and what is to come.

I’m set aside for this. Exactly this. My long lonely life has prepared me. How could I not be thankful for that.

No question. No question mark.

Don’t give up if you are in the middle of a million shards, Dear Hearts. The Plan Maker is right in the middle of it with you. #ALL IN.

Live blessed,


12 thoughts on “#Thankful. In a Very Different Way

  1. Heather, I So enjoy reading your story! It reminds us that all things are bearable and that He will not give us any more than we can handle, as long as we believe!! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your beautiful family! God bless you as you continue in His ministry. YOU ARE LOVED!

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    1. As are you… Loved! The thing I’ve learned through it all – and one reason I tell my story – is that sometimes it is more than we can handle… But the keyword is “we”. That He walks it out with us and helps us handle it, and provides a way through it all while blessing those around us, just blows my mind! Only God could do that. That’s why it’s so easy for me to be thankful even in trials. If I can’t find reasons to be thankful then I’m not doing it right!
      Happy Thanksgiving to you too!! And thank you for this wonderful encouragement. Happy Birthday {early}!!


  2. Beautiful! I love how your story is one of redemption and I love your relentless pursuit of God in all you do. By the way, Ephesians 2:10 is one of my favorite verses. I am blessed by you and your encouragement and honored to be part of ALLIN. Hugs!!

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    1. In a world full of people… I got to meet you. And that is one huge blessing in my life, Mary. I count myself among those you’ve touched greatly for His glory. We walk together and through this cloudy world His light will lead our way.


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