I studied this “Christmas or Not to Christmas” thing since my baby was young (she is 20 now!). I can find no reason not to claim it for God and celebrate Jesus and all the joy He brings. My husband and I did teach our child that Santa Claus is not real (she knew instinctively at age 3 and told me!) and who he is based off of in real life. We did teach her the REAL reason for the season. We did teach her joy and compassion and giving. She accepted Christ wholeheartedly into her life at age 4. She still celebrates Jesus everyday and at Christmas time. Having said that, here are my top 10 Joyous answers!


Reason #10 to tell the Humbuggies who complain about anyone decorating for Christmas/celebrating early (or at all): Everything a Christian does should be from the heart. If a Christian celebrates the real reason for Christmas from the heart, then other Christians should allow them to do that and love. Let’s not give the world another reason to talk about us the way they do because we complain about each other. We are either celebrating Jesus or complaining so the world hears us and makes fun of us and doesn’t listen. Those are some valid reasons why. I just don’t want to give up those opportunities God gives me to love others.

Reason #9: Santa isn’t the enemy. Do you tell your children the real reason for the holiday and that Santa is merely a representation of a real man who gave gifts to children long ago in his town. Now he represents the gift of love that Christ offers. It’s what we teach our children from the beginning that will help them to live a Godly life. Don’t let society teach your children.

Reason #8: If Christians boycott holidays just because of their history, instead of taking them back for God, then we are handing them over willingly to the enemy. Let’s just not.

Reason #7: Gift giving, including decorating and celebrating, is a form of gifting love just as God gifts us love. Celebrate the gift of love.

Reason #6: Please don’t pick and choose from the Bible things that you want to emphasize and twist. That’s called an agenda. Christmas isn’t an agenda on either side of this coin. It’s a time to spread the love of Christ. {And if you are a Christian – don’t send “holiday season’s greetings” cards. Tell people about Christ! I realized that this is the one time of year that *nearly* everyone is tolerant when receiving a card or gift so let it be a seed planted!

Reason #5: You don’t accept gifts when they come from a person’s heart just because it’s a Christmas gift? Please. Accept the gift. They do it because they love.

Reason #4: Stop complaining about other Christians. Aren’t we supposed to LOVE ONE ANOTHER? You are always welcome at my house… even when I hang up a light early. I’ll probably have a gift for you even if you don’t want it. 🙂

Reason #3: It doesn’t matter who started the Christmas holiday. What matters is that people CHOSE to celebrate the birth of Christ and the peace He brought to this world. Don’t let the awful commercialism get you down. Jesus IS the reason.

Reason #2: God tells us that ALL things belong to Him. We should remember that and be wise to not let anyone take that away in our lives. No pagan god ever made a tree or an ornament or a light or a gift. Celebrate Jesus as the reason and He will know your heart.

Reason #1 : Take full advantage of the opportunities God gives to bless others in the Holy-day season. Most recognize the Christmas holiday. Some of those could be lonely, ill, without family, longing for joy in their lives, leaving to be deployed, moving away from family… and others just simply want to be cheery and bright!

Live Blessed,


16 thoughts on “Top 10 Joyous Answers to Share with Your Bah-Humbuggie Friends That Poo Poo Christmas

  1. So, my friend, do you know how much you bless my heart by just being you? I love this thread you are sharing here, on reasons to CeLeBrAtE a true CHRISTmas!
    What if we were totally radically spent on loving for the mere reason to celebrate a gathering of Christ in the gift of imitating Him?
    You know, where 2 or more are gathered, He is there. Giving in grace, loving in life, celebrating because He crossed the cavern that kept us from the Father. And you are right, it is the one time where there is a tolerance to all things good. A time when we need to count precious those moments he is ordaining for holiness. So, make this a season of celebration because they make us remember His beauty and His promises, His hope and His amazing joy. They cause us to rehearse with the angels the truth that a Holy God came and dwelt with us…. Emmanuel. 🙂 That is the best reason to celebrate.
    Bless you!

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    1. Goodness to glory, you bless me bunches too, Dawn!
      Radically spent!! I’m ALL IN for that!
      Rehearse with the angels!! ALL IN!

      You are so a God-gifted with words, and even more gifted with true heartfelt love.
      Love you, Sister!


  2. Heather- I love this list! I’m printing it out so I can review it often. I especially like #2! How often we forget that all truth is His truth! Such an encouraging and well-written post! I’m glad I stopped by.

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    1. Karen, I’m so happy you are able to get continued blessings from this list! Hmmmm… I might ought to turn it into a free printable for my ALL IN Ministry. Great idea you gave me there! I’m so blessed by your presence here. 🙂


  3. Thank you for such a wonderful post and list. Perfect timing for me. I particularly like #10. I decorate early, and it blesses me so. I appreciate the abundance of truth you shared. Happy to be following you at The Weekend Brew. Blessings!

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  4. Love, love love!!! The whole list is spot on but #3 is one that we need to be reminded of often. I was so glad to see your smiling face pop up over at The Weekend Brew. Thanks for joining in the lovely community-your presence makes it better. Hugs!!!

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