Halloween is tomorrow.  I don’t enjoy the arguing that goes on over it. I don’t enjoy arguing at all.

“Clearly no Christians ought to be glorifying death, because death was defeated, and that was the point of All Hallows Eve.” {Kirk Cameron}

I don’t “do” Halloween decor, but I think dressing up is fun even though I usually don’t dress up since it is so much work!! Sometimes we go to a Fall Festival party at church. And God certainly works through those things and community outreach is a wonderful thing.

But I wonder…

Why do those who follow Christ actually want to do the whole death and gore and destruction part of Halloween? Fun? I‘m certain fun can be had without it. {Come to my house. You WILL laugh. } I doubt if Jesus were there physically it would be fun. At least it would not be for Him – the One who died a gruesome death to defeat all that.

There I go again… Pushing “hot topic” buttons, right? It’s just me living #ALLIN and not part way in. I want to make my Jesus smile. And a princess outfit would go a lot further towards a smile then a gruesome killer costume.

We taught our daughter the truth about the holidays (Holy Days) that go into this and how it’s changed through the years. Obviously parents should make their own decisions – those who don’t participate are doing the right thing and those who do but tell their kids the truth about it and do it for the fun of gathering together in a non-death-celebrating way are doing the right thing too. God can be a part of both and most certainly is.

It’s what’s in each heart that matters, and our hearts celebrate what we let our brains throw a party for even if we know better. It’s all in the choice.

On the fall festival note: Many churches see fall festival parties (some on that night and others on different nights) as outreaches to the community where someone might come to know Jesus and even to church fellowship later. I would not limit God or put Him in a box so as to say He wouldn’t work through these things. If their heart and soul are in it for Jesus, then certainly He would bless it. I’ve seen many children benefit from these.

And no one could say my daughter was adversely affected by it when she lives for Jesus more at her age then most adults I know. I agree that Christians should have absolutely nothing to do with the horror and gore etc, but I also believe God when He says only He can see into the heart and know. I’m sad when Christians do the haunted house and other junk. Jesus wouldn’t do it or approve I believe.

But Satan is not in anything God doesn’t allow. He allowed him in the death and gore, but we don’t have to participate in that, nor do we have to allow him in the festivities that are not of those things.

The earth is the LORD’s, and everything in it, the world, and all who live in it; ~ Psalm 24:1

Live blessed,


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