Appreciating every second is a little overwhelming if you don’t take a deep breath and really think about what that means. Especially in those times of trouble and trials. Life can throw it at us, can’t it? But I’ve come to know that if I appreciate everything in the moment I am living, noticing what is in that second of time, then appreciating it all is where I find the most peace in my seconds. I could expend all that worry I used to do, or I could bounce that time and energy into looking for what I can appreciate and be thankful for in those seconds.



I remember when my daughter was born and I decided then that I would never let a moment go by without appreciating it. I had seen how others had missed so much of their children’s lives and those amazing once in a lifetime jewels that occur with no notice whatsoever. I am so blessed to have been able to stay home with my daughter for most of her growing up years. Her father and I sacrificed so much so that I could be home with her as much as possible. God provided help in various ways, and for that I will be forever grateful. But the sacrifices were what made the entire choice and experience so rich in those seconds.


“I know we don’t have much. But we have God and with God all things are possible.”


Those seconds… that I didn’t let pass… those were the richest.

Through those years, and to this very day, I have tried my hardest to not miss a detail. It was not always easy but it was never terribly difficult. Oh, we had our days where it seemed awfully difficult, but those were usually the days in which we didn’t trust or lean in to God enough. It’s just a different life when we do.

My heart is full to the brim with thankfulness that I saw those defining moments all along. I remember her first words, her first steps, her riding a bike for the first time, and everything… every second… in between. I can’t stress how huge the impact is of savoring every second with your children. I have a life experience others miss. I hear them with heavy voice claim the sadness that they let it fly by all too fast because their kids are nearly grown or already moved on with their own lives.

So lean in… listen close…

How does one appreciate every second, really? Truly? It sounds so hard.


You choose to. It’s that easy.

You just choose.




Lived blessed,




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11 thoughts on “The Every Second of Living {Why I Don’t Let One Pass}

  1. “My heart is full to the brim with thankfulness.” Amen! That says it so well. Me too, friend. Me too. And while there were many years of letting the moments go by, of not being ALLIN, I’m grateful for a new life in Christ. Grateful for another chance. Another chance to be fully present. I still blow it at times but it’s a journey of growing in His grace. Love you. xoxo

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    1. I think the sabe thing, Beth, about the gratefulness. It runs deep within me. I know we don’t owe God anything but love and devotion but from those cone obedience and gratefulness. I owe Him so much in that regard.
      XOXO dear dear friend.


    2. We do still blow it… yep. But the good thing is this: we know it, we give it to Him, and we move closer in His plan to what He is making us to be ~ more like Christ and more in Christ.
      I’m so overjoyed to walk this out with you. I know the full reason has yet to be revealed, and I’m excited!!


  2. How easy it is to allow time to slip away and not be mindful of how we spend it. This is sound advice and something I’m trying to implement too as I listen more carefully to what God is saying to me. Thank you, Heather! You bring light and wisdom into my days. I feel blessed to know you and share your heart for knowing God. Blessings and love. xox 🙂


      1. Really? Oh how kind of you! I’m not as active as usual on social media due to health reasons and because we are currently staying with family for a while. It’s lovely to have caught this post and chatted here briefly, dear friend. Praying for you too! xox 🙂


  3. I can’t say the same….a lot of that time is a blur to me. I have pocket memories that I hold dear. But through the haze, I am thankful that the Lord preserved some good memories of when my kids were growing up. I feel I live fuller now – just don’t know if this old brain will retain what I am struggling so hard even now to pay attention to. I guess it’s about living each second to the fullest, as you say, dear one. Even if diminished brain capacity makes it hard to remember! Ha Ha!


    1. I know what you mean about retaining things… I was thinking a lot about that the last few days. Let’s pray and believe hard together that since God gave us sharp, smart, organized minds that He will continue that gift into eternity! Amen!!


  4. Heather, I loved this post. The seconds. They truly do add up & slip away. I am so grateful to have been able to enjoy my time. And then I wonder about the seconds I did let slip away. So grateful He shows us to be still before Him, to stop & to enjoy the seconds. He truly fills each one & has so much to offer us in those seconds.
    And as an aside, your daughter is beautiful! May you continue to enjoy your seconds with her! Blessings!


    1. Joanne… You got it, girlfriend! Being still before The Lord. Nothing needs to live in the FAST LANE of life. Not a thing!
      Thank your sweet heart for that lovely comment about my daughter. I’m biased you know, 😉 but I see God in her beauty like it’s creation in the making. ❤️
      Thank you for being a God-hug to me!!


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