Dear You,
Yeah. YOU.

You who had a week that won’t quit because there is still “stuff” to do. You who don’t know how things will get done or paid next week. You who don’t know anything else to do except wait and pray and hope.

You know what you need this weekend?

You need rest. You need smiles. You need laughs. Run. Run after those things.

Those other things?
Those things that make your heart cry?

God has got them.
You know it in your head.
Now KNOW it in your soul. Let your soul frolic this weekend… your heart, mind, and body will follow.

Live a lovely life.

~ Heather



7 thoughts on “Dear You. Yes, YOU. {What you NEED this weekend}

  1. Thank you, Heather. I really appreciate this soothing word! After a morning of needful resting in bed as my body pulsated with pain, and an afternoon of necessary quiet, I was feeling like the day had slipped away from me and I had to try and play catch-up. Now? I sense a call to just breathe.. and simply be.. rest and be refreshed in His Presence. A timely word indeed! God bless you, friend. 🙂 Xx


    1. Joy – keep trusting and believing… He loves you dearly. I had a lot of pain three days this week, but I won’t give up believing He has restoration for me.

      Your encouraging support for me is truly a God-hug. I pray He wraps His arms around you feel that God-hug back. 😊

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      1. These words:”I won’t give up believing He has restoration for me.” Me neither, my friend. Thank you for this encouraging word. Once again, God has gifted you with a word for the weary and a word in due season. You are an awesome encourager, Heather, even as you wait for those words to come true for you while you live in the ‘now but not yet’ contradiction of the Kingdom. He loves you dearly too, as do I. Consider yourself God-hugged! 🙂 x


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