I am writing later today about my Fibro treatment and what God has taught me through it all. Even if you don’t have or know someone who has a chronic illness, you won’t want to miss what I am sharing. God has taught me so much about the importance of REST. Healing comes in so many forms, friends.

Today though…
the first part in my new series lands softly over at that beautiful place…  The Soli Deo Gloria Sisterhood. It’s deep and stirring with encouragement… questions answered that many ask. I open up in ways I haven’t before, all dealing with the depression that nearly stole my life during the first half. May His love go out through it to many. This is why I write.

I’m so thankful for this opportunity, because God has asked me many times through the years to share to bless others, and I take that very seriously. I have experienced both sides in the extreme ~ from desperation to hope, from severe illness to miraculous healing, from death to life.


Such an ominous word. Such an ominous state of being, because deep in the mind is a place that becomes a trap.

People ask questions; especially when we hear about a suicide so prevalent in the news … an abrupt ending to a life. But those questions are always there.

Questions galore from those who experience it or know someone who experiences it, and questions from those who don’t understand it at all.

Why do they not know they are loved?

Why didn’t they feel how much we needed them?

But their life seems so perfect; I don’t understand?

Why did they do such a selfish thing?

Didn’t they think about those loved ones left behind?

In the mind of someone who suffers from clinical depression is a place that is a trap. I speak of it with experience. Twenty years of torment. The many facets it contains are complex, but more common than many imagine. My soul’s desire when I share my story is to shed light on those many different facets and encourage those who live with this disease that there is Hope. This life was not meant to be lived alone. God is the answer in so many ways.

For those who have a physical ailment, learning to deal with it comes through a process. It’s helpful that other people can see the physical illness and therefore are able to help. But when illness is in the mind, it’s a whole different story.

First… let me take you into the trapped mind…


Would you join me, for the first part of my series, and the beautiful community at The Soli Deo Gloria Sisterhood?

I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Live Blessed,



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