In man’s very best attempt at being good, we fail to ultimately please ourselves enough to bring upon redemption. We inherently know the impossibility of that, which is why there are numerous religions.

There are some that chart out the ways to earn redemption and others that state a soul is reincarnated in an effort to try again to be good enough for redemption. Still there are others that simply offer pleasures that are only earthly and never redemptive. There is only one God who can gift redemption and His name is Jesus Christ. The only One to offer true Hope.

~ Heather




13 thoughts on “Why Jesus? { #ALLIN }

  1. I want to thank you for your deep thoughts and am in total agreement. I would add that Jesus did not come to start a religion, he came to have a relationship with you and me. Religions are man-made attempts to try to please God, when there is no way for us to do that or there would have been no reason for Jesus. This is why Jesus! Praise the Father for His faithful, unending love for us.


    1. Amen, Gloria! A few places and times in my life I’ve said it’s about relationship not religion. We need more people to listen to that! 🙂

      Thank you for your prayers and encouragements. They mean so much to me. So thankful for you!
      You know that when I tried college… early in life… I was all into philosophy. I used to feel my thoughts might be too deep… but that was before I realized they were a gift from God to use for Him. Now I embrace them!


  2. Heather….it is wonderful to see a post from you again. Praying for you often and trusting that you are experiencing the goodness of God, with some easing of symptoms that debilitate.
    God Bless you Heather, in body mind and spirit, in Jesus’ name.


    1. Mary, you are a gift from God for certain! Such a flower of a blessing!

      I am feeling soooo much better. And I’m excited for all He has in store for this vision He has given me!!
      Thank you for your prayers. I pray He blesses you mightily for your faith and dedication to Him and His Kingdom.


  3. Heather,
    You are SO right about time being SO short! If we could just stay focused on what is really important in THIS life, ….we would realize what is really important is getting ready for ETERNAL life. Thankfully, God gave us the pattern so we may be prepared for eternity. He allows us to choose. I know I personally need to dig into the written WORD, to search that pattern more and more, constantly and honestly examine myself, continue to pray for His help and mercy and then to CHOOSE to allow Him to change me! I need to remember this life is fleeting. I appreciate your encouragement!!!!
    Love ya,


    1. Shauna,
      I just love your words here so so so much! I too need to dig in the Word more. I’ve read so much of it since I was a young girl and every time I really dig in, as opposed to just reading it, I learn something new. God reveals more all the time.
      Thank you for your support and encouragement. It means more than I could even express.


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