BIG CHANGES… How Could I Say ‘No’?

Dear You,

Yes, you, in your AMAZING prayers and messages and thoughts for me while I go through this treatment for my Fibromyalgia, while I zone in on what Jesus is doing in my life for this ministry, while I pray over what I am supposed to be doing inside the beautiful territory He has given my soul:

You have been a part of all of this.

You have ~ too numerous to count you are! ~ poured into my life’s calling with encouragement and prayer and true friendship.

You have lifted me up to the One who is sending me on this mission.

I want to thank you a million times over. You’ve been there when I couldn’t do anything but cry out. You’ve been there when I was the one who needed a push up because I felt so heavy with all of this. You’ve kept me in heart and mind and soul everyday. I know who you are and I’m praying for you. I’m thanking God for you ~ because you are a gift from God.


It’s lonely where I am many times. Ministry can be lonely. Fibro and chronic pain and illness can be lonely. It’s in those lonely moments ~ even when you have an amazing loving family as I do who is there for me every minute ~ that you should focus on what and whom you are thankful for in life. God’s will for us is to be always thankful. Cry out to Him but always be thankful in the tears, in the fear, in the unknown, in the temptation, in the trial. That’s how I got through the depression 20 years, the near-death of my husband in 2008, the painful heart ache of things my daughter experienced the last several years, the unknowns of not having an income for two years… always thankful in the every-moment He gave me.

IMG_5311.JPG ME and my EMMY

That’s what I am. Always thankful.

Big things have been happening. And many great things that will be revealed in an ongoing heart and soul effort. Big changes in my ministry. Big changes here on my website. Big changes in the book plans. It is a slow process…. this whole life thing.


And I’ve been listening.
How could I say ‘No’?

I say “Yes” to Him.
For Him.
For you.
For love.

Love love love you all.
Thank you for hanging around me and for me. Just wait until you see what’s coming!

Blessings right into your heart deep,

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45 thoughts on “BIG CHANGES… How Could I Say ‘No’?

    • Heather Mertens @ 40YearWanderer says:

      You dear soul. Bless your sweet heart. May The Lord bless you and heal you in whatever His great plan has, and may you bless many as you reach out and encourage just as you have done for me here.
      Continue calling on Jesus. He is indeed the ultimate Helper!


  1. elizabethfstewart says:

    Heather, now you’ve got me on pins and needles wondering what is the big news! I’ve been doing so much better with what my dr. says is fibro, the chiropractor says is scar tissue from a car accident, and I just say it’s no good whatever it is. I go long times feeling normal, then will have a day where I feel I’m hit with a semi truck. The last two days were like that. What treatment are you on? I am on low dose nortriptyline.

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    • Heather Mertens @ 40YearWanderer says:

      Elizabeth, your dear sweet heart. My heart aches for you. I know that pain can take away a day very quickly. :( I also have scar tissue from two broken ribs years ago. So it’s both kinds for me. My chiro helps that rib/back pain, and even had a deep tissue massage twice to help but can’t afford them with all the other stuff.

      Actually I AM feeling better. I’ve had a ton of people write and ask me about the treatment. I did a LOT of research. I’ll write about it hopefully next week. I can say my pain has diminished probably 80% or more. The Fibro fog has lifted!

      If it helps others too, I’d be grateful for being a catalyst in the faith of healing in the many paths set forth by God. Praying for you now, Sister.


    • Heather Mertens @ 40YearWanderer says:

      I just replied to your other comment, Elizabeth. :) I’m doubling up here! Lol
      I’m going to write about my treatment this week. Been waiting for the right time and the right words. You should private message me or send me an email with the link here on my blog. We can chat about it privately. Many blessings friend!


  2. Annie B says:

    My Heather…I am so thankful to get to read your heart and words you share today. I know the lonely thing you are talking about….it’s weird….lonely doesn’t mean “alone”, does it? I know exactly what you mean. I am so thankful for you, your ministry, your friendship and that you are my Sister.

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  3. Mary Gemmill says:

    Heather how absolutely wonderful to read this from you today…you certainly have been in the hearts and prayers of many of us. Glad the treatment is helping post we will learn more..but meanwhile..I’m just rejoicing in hearing from you !!
    Love and PRAYERS !

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  4. poetry joy says:

    Oh, I hear you and walk this path of chronic illness and pain with you, friend. These are stirring and intriguing words, Heather! You have whetted our appetite to know more of what God is doing in you and through you. I love what I’m hearing and seeing so far and look forward to further glimpses into your sweetly surrendered heart. Sending blessings, love and prayers.

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  5. Jeannie Pallett says:

    Praying for and encouraging one another in the Way is the beauty of FB and social media and it blesses my heart to hear that you too have felt the power of the mighty warriors and the voices raised to heaven on your behalf. He has done a perfect and complete work.


  6. Wendy Macdonald says:

    Heather, you are setting such a wonderful example of leaning into Christ during your time of pain and recovery. In whatever kind of suffering we experience our main need is to cling to Jesus one day at a time.

    Healing blessings for each day ~ Wendy ❀


  7. walter bright says:

    You are one very strong woman of God. Your story is an inspiring story of God goodness and mercy. I thank God for you!

    “the world has yet to see what God will do with a man/woman fully consecrated to him.”

    Stay blessed!


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