You could come now.

In my home are hearts that are open to love you no matter what you’ve done.

In my home are many Bibles. They will tell you … they have foretold… ALL you need to know.

We could talk.
About what is happening in your life.
About what is happening in the world today.
What is going to happen at some point.
As is foretold.

Some say we don’t have much time left here as shown by all that is going on in this world.

Some say we might not have much time so be aware.

I say…
No matter what…
our humanity means we each don’t have much time here.

You could come later to hear the Truth, reach out for Truth.
Or you could come now.
Please. Don’t wait.

No beautiful pictures today.
Just an invitation.

You could come now.
You don’t even have to travel.
He’s right there beside you. Waiting.

Dear Hurting Soul,
I’m open heart, deep and wide, to tell you, show you..
what this gift means to YOU.
My home is my heart and my heart is in Jesus. You need to know how much He loves you.

You will never know such love in another.


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