Why are you doubting yourself, your story, your calling?

My heart has ached over this for at least a year. I have poured it out like thick molasses streaming from a cup time and again hoping that more would catch this sweet fragrance of restoration.

If your calling is to share in writing, or music, or construction, or gardening, or whatever it is… this is truth for everyone. Just think of your life calling as you read this.

I’ve loved words I’ve read all over this internet. I’ve also had my spirit saddened because of the tendency I’ve seen to quickly reduce one’s story and God-given ability to tell that story. It happens consistently in most blogs I read. It goes beyond humbling and humility to putting the calling in a box. A nice tidy “I can handle it better this way” box.

That’s insulting to God.

Hear my heart, please.

You are beautiful. Your story is beautiful. It exists because of God. Why are you knocking yourself down in this race of life? Don’t you have enough others knocking you down to add to it yourself?

I have tried to speak this out to encourage, because, working in media as a freelance writer, I nearly fell into the same trap. It cracks my heart deeply to see others falling into it.

Stop Dear Heart…
Stop apologizing constantly for how you aren’t as good a writer as everyone else or even a writer at all.

God made us writers to share what He has allowed in our lives so that we could touch others for here and eternity.

BE GOD’S WRITER. He gave you a story in your life… now share it! Share Him.

Stop, Dear Heart…
Stop TRYING to be whom you think they want or need you to be.


STOP, Dear Heart…
Stop trying to find many. Write for whom God has given you. If it’s for one then you’ve likely already touched them, but surely it is for more or He’d have changed your course in His beautiful plan. That doesn’t mean ‘stop connecting’. That means let Him connect you. If you share with someone only to be ignored after you poured your heart out in your story or in something God gave you, then dust your feet ~ and heart ~ off and move along your journey. I’ve had plenty ignore me in life ~ on the web and in reality ~ but I’ve also been able to share His love through my story around the world, touching souls for His glory.

I’m not letting their inadequacies to fully love stop me! That’s like telling God you’ve only got one foot on the path of His plan for your life. Sometimes we have to dust off both feet, but we can’t live in balance with Jesus if we tread lightly by hopping on one foot down His path.

It’s time we live ALL IN our calling. Not HALF IN to FIT IN.

Not to be arrogant, not to be puffed up. But to recognize … we don’t have to apologize or wear false humility. We need to recognize it. Look deeply and objectively at how we talk amongst our fellow Brothers and Sisters.

God has not called us to be a FIT IN kind of people. He has called us to be an ALL IN kind of people.

If we spread ourselves all over, we wear ourselves too thin to be ALL IN. We can easily snap that thin stretched out frailty.

Discernment needed.

Reading too many opinions instead of His Word to form the answers we speak so adamantly about and calling that living ALL IN.

Knowledge needed.

Comparing ourselves to others in physical ways, gifting ways, and calling ways… being intentionally too self-deprecating, minimizing our God given skills and gifts, and reducing our unique stories to “I shouldn’t share because my story isn’t as ______, but I want to”… living a downtrodden ALL IN.

God honoring confidence needed.

Pre-apologizing and pre-asking for grace when we want something from someone, when all that is needed is to simply say it with the very grace we are demanding.

True humility needed.

Connecting with others with a “gotta’ connect” overloaded mind. True connecting in Christ should never be forced… especially when it’s just to promote yourself or your book or blog. Oh, I’ve seen this happen over and over and it hurts people.

Intentional Plan walking needed.

You only have so much time here to share Jesus. He gave you a story to tell. Just tell it.


Living ALL IN doesn’t mean we have perfected anything… God never called us to strive for perfection {that’s His job}.

Living ALL IN simply means doing everything we have choice over in God honoring ways to become more like Jesus. ALL while living IN His plan.

Now… I pray writers everywhere open their eyes to this truth! Then maybe the publishers, even and especially Christian publishers, will focus on the gift each writer has to give and not platform and followers. Stats don’t make us writers. Platforms don’t make us writers.

God makes us writers. Walk in it with a smile and the mission.

It’s ALL in the choice.

Please… LIVE Blessed,
~ Heather

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11 thoughts on “Why You Don’t Need to Fall from a Platform

  1. Telling our story is very powerful and God tells us to share our testimony. As it says in Revelation 12:11.. And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death.

    By sharing our story with others it helps us deal with our pain and helps other people see their lives from a different perspective. Our church just did a series called, ‘My Story’ and we heard some great testimonies from our pastors and church leaders. I just shared my testimony this week at a women’s group and it gets easier every time. I tell people “telling our story dilutes the pain little by little”.

    We just have to be careful that we share with TRUSTED family and friends or a support group. We shouldn’t be telling our story to just anyone because it can damage our relationships and then there are the people who just like to gossip.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Great words here, Brenda. Yes, it is true that some stories, especially those fresh in the moment that concern so many delicate things, should be shared discernibly.

      Yet for those of us called to share our stories to the world, if we are seeking Him through prayer and He blesses it then many will be touched. This is true about all gifts from The Lord.

      That makes my heart sing!
      But what makes my heart sad is how many cut themselves down inside God’s calling to share their stories and gifts and talents.

      I feel so convicted whenever I fall to cutting myself down… over anything. It’s just never healthy.


  2. Hi Heather,
    I finally made it over here! Loved this post: FREEDOM to be who God made you. Free from opinions and platform-seeking. Such great encouragement! And yes, All In! Glad you are joining us in #TheLoft. Your words of wisdom will benefit many! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Kathy! I appreciate you dropping by and your encouragement. 🙂

      I’m trying to finish up my book and my health isn’t great right now with my fibromyalgia. So I’m behind and can’t read and write a lot right now. I’m trying to do more and more! So I look forward to #theloft soon!


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