Many non-believers question how there could be a creator because they question God’s moral character ~ regarding His judgement on humanity ~ often asking why “bad things happen to good people”.


Some Christians who do not read Scripture, rarely if ever, actually carry many misconceptions and non-truths as well.

Many non-Believers go into attack mode during conversation and sadly many Believers retort in the same manner. I think it more appropriate that we just present what is actual Truth … And do it in love. Simple. Love.

It’s all in the choice.

That we humans abuse choice might sound like the worst choice since the decision to abuse choice is the first abusive choice we make. However, I submit that possibly the worst choice is that we make excuses for abusing choice and then lay blame on others.

“Why would God allow bad things to happen?”

The question that should be asked instead is:

“Why do people abuse choice to bring about bad things?”

Actually, the very worst choice is to deny Christ and then make excuse or lay blame for everything that follows.


Live Blessed,

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9 thoughts on “Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People? Really.

  1. Abusing our choice inevitably leads to a conversation about free will. Blessedntonhave it, cursed when it’s outcome results in “bad things” happening. This is a great conversation to start, Heather!

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  2. I often get this question asked in my small group and it is a hard one to answer. I used to ask the same question but the more I study the Bible and listen to godly people, the better I can understand. Our pastor explains things very simply – God gives us free will to make our own choices and there are a lot of people who do bad things in this world because we are human and because Satan is very persuasive. God allows bad things to happen to good people because if He stopped all the bad stuff from happening, he would be taking away our free will and we would just be puppets. God keeps his promises and even though He allows bad things to happen to us, He is always with us.

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