I’ve got so many posts coming in the next two weeks. I’m doing at least one book giveaway, sharing a very special guest post from my author friend, Michelle DeRusha, participating in a blog tour interview, and a few other “big” things. For one, I’ll be revealing what happened to me when I traded hope for sex to find love.

I am so heartbroken over the women who have invested their hearts, minds, and souls into “50 Shades of Grey”. Its destructive wake across this world now must be corrected. And Christ Following women, that empty space can be filled by God instead. Our spirits know it’s wrong.

I’ll be writing about this … because years ago I lived believing similar lies that fulfillment like this is healthy on some level. It, and what I did because of it, nearly destroyed me. I know all the reasons women steal away to this type of story. I get it. Most of the time, at its core, it’s a hidden craving for simultaneous control and love… neither of which belong together in our souls, hearts, or minds. Feelings deceive us.

“I’ve noticed that some of the women who give me a hearty ‘AMEN’ every time I write a post condemning pornography, are the same ones gushing frantically about this film. They don’t want their husbands watching porn, but they’ll not only watch and read porn themselves — they’ll advertise that fact to the entire world. As if the hypocrisy isn’t bad enough, they had to add in a touch of public emasculation.”

That quote is from a Matt Walsh article. Yeah, it’s “in your face”. But it has every right to be. Because we should be falling our faces in prayer over this.

Go, Matt, go.

Coincidentally, regarding the quality of this book in quotes I’ve seen … I’ve read better literary treats on the back of a pickle jar.

This is an article you won’t want to miss reading.


Love Blessed and #ALLIN,

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8 thoughts on “Trading Hope for Sex to Find Love {50 Shades of Grey in Real Life}

  1. Read the article – Matt is great. He speaks the truth. Women allow themselves to read and watch so much garbage and it makes them believe the lie that their value is in their sexuality. Years ago, I used to read romance novels because my life seemed pretty boring and it was exciting to read about people in love. Now I realize how destructive these stories can be and I wouldn’t consider reading them anymore. I hope people will read his article and take it to heart.


  2. Ok, here’s my thoughts. I’ve been in dark places. Used to look at porn and much worse. I also used to read those Black Lace novels, you know, the “adult fiction”.

    Can I just say that I thought I was smart, a liberated woman, exercising my right to express my sexuality and explore who I was etc etc and you know the rest of the spiel that goes with this.

    But here I am, some years down the road and there are now images I will probably never get out of my head. There is a rip in my heart that is taking time to heal and stuff that I feel too embarrassed to speak about.

    I had amazingly come to my senses by the time the Shades of Grey series had come out but am still walking through repentance, forgiveness and restoration. God is so merciful and I can testify to that.

    But there are great prices to pay. I used to bleat along with the rest of the crowd about how “soft” (HA!) porn wasn’t harmful, that as long as someone wasn’t getting hurt and everyone was consenting then really what business was it of anyone elses.

    LIES people, sheer LIES!!!
    I know, I am paying the price even now and I don’t know how many more years I will pay the price, the consequences of my ignorance and sin. What was worse? So much worse, I was a Christian!! How is that even possible?

    There is a passage in the bible that says “even the elect will be deceived”. I don’t take elect to mean better than anyone, I think it means the Children of God, those who said that they acknowledged that Jesus was the Son of God and asked him to be their Lord and Saviour.
    So yup, I was deceived and how. Think how many women there are who are Christians and have bought into this total lie that this is a love story, how it is ok and the whole thing about “it’s no-one’s business”. They are so wrong. So so wrong. What about those who don’t know God at all, or those who have rejected him?

    If you manage to survive a burning building where you’d been playing with matches, wouldn’t you want to pass on the message of being aware of playing with matches.

    Matches are useful, they bring light, assist us in creating more light when used with a candle or fire. So matches in themselves aren’t bad. It’s the incorrect use of them that is a problem. Sex is the same. Sex is a beautiful thing, created by God but used incorrectly, the damage is unbelievable.

    This is a largely good article. I don’t agree with everything Matt says but the basic message and sentiments? Oh yes I do!

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    1. Sister, just by opening your heart and past up to the world helps the world. Those things were not experienced in vain.
      That you share here is such a huge blessing to me and many others.

      You are one in my circle of love that God has gifted me. Thank you for being a willing heart. ❤️


  3. I’m heartsick that this is being made into a movie. A labor and delivery nurse said many popular baby names are from names in this book!


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