We live in a time when many Christians decide they believe something about God because of experience and circumstances instead of His Truth and what He has to say about it. If we rely on outside sources to determine our truths about God, they are simply OUR truths. We’ve got to be extra cautious that what we say we believe is based on God’s Word otherwise it’s adulterated to the point of massive inferiority.

From “Live Learn Love – Q&A for the Soul” the book.

It’s time … this very time… that we must educate ourselves with the knowledge of the Word of God.
It’s imperative.

Here is just one example of that need to educate ourselves. This video has over 2 1/2 million views. Needs to be 20 million. We must educate ourselves before forming a stance on something. These are facts. Please share so everyone will know the truth. It’s imperative.

Live Blessed,


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