Dear You,
Yes, you, who tend to forget what you are worthy inside your busy days; you who compare yourself to others because you just don’t feel up to par; you who feel lonely in a world full of people…
You are thought of by God in this very moment. In every single moment.

We can NEVER do enough, give enough, fix enough, serve enough, volunteer enough, pray enough, or LOVE enough … to satisfy ourselves. We satisfied God the moment He created us. From there on out… we only need BELIEVE. We believe in what Jesus offers… forgiveness… But we also need to remember He offers love and grace and comfort and worthiness unto Him.

BELIEVE you are worthy of His love, unique to Him, and NEVER alone. BELIEVE in this moment and every moment.


Live blessed,

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6 thoughts on “You Can NEVER Do Enough

  1. We forget God’s sentiments toward Jesus – “This is my Son in Whom I am well pleased!” were uttered before Jesus began His ministry. We are also sons and daughters of the very same adoring Father; He is also well pleased with us. In His heart pours forth His love, grace and mercy.


  2. I can never do enough for certain people in my life…no matter how hard I try…it is a fruitless effort…so these words were the Balm Of Gilead to my spirit today dear Heather…thank you.


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