Thank you all for these beautiful, beautiful prayers you are sending my way! I feel them and not afraid to admit I need them. We should not forsake coming together for prayer… even asking for ourselves.

For those who have known me for a very long time, it is not a surprise to hear that my faith in being healed is completely strong, because I’ve been healed before. I was healed when I was 27 (for those who want to hear the story it’s here on my website), miraculously; after 20 years I was restored and made whole in my health. I saw my husband healed in the hospital ICU, miraculously, (that story is here on my website too). I call these Glory Stories. Had we not lived them in God’s glory, then others would not have been encouraged and blessed, for the past many years, by them for their own pain.


~ Knowing that God does not want us to be sick or have problems or trials and tribulations

~ Knowing that Jesus has finished all

~ Knowing that He prayed, as we should pray, that God’s will be done on earth as it is in Heaven

~ And having experienced healing in God’s perfect will

I know that I am healed….
and I know that I know.

Sometimes God’s perfect plan doesn’t happen in an instant just because our faith is big enough or even as small as a mustard seed, which is all it takes He says. Sometimes it takes a little while to manifest because of what is in His ultimate plan. This “thorn” in my side, in my flesh, just as he talks about in His Word… reminds me that I know that He is sufficient for all in my life.

And that healing? Until that day comes, I will continue to know that I am healed and in waiting for that I will do my best with His strength in His power to live under His plan and bless as many people as He will touch through me.

The people that have reached out to me from around the world for encouragement and to encourage me, for prayer and to pray for me, is resoundingly glorious!! Glory to Him!

So as far as I can see (which is about a nano-second), I will not be demanding of my Jesus, my Lord, my God, but I will believe and continue to believe and know that I am healed and also know that glory is brought to Him on either side of this equation. It’s all for Him. He refines me.

Live Blessed My Friends!
~ Heather

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12 thoughts on “Why Am I Not Healed, Yet? {Mustard Seed Faith}

  1. Amen Heather! I so relate to your words…and your faith – for I can relate to being healed and restored myself. Please know that I am standing in mighty prayer agreement with you for God’s healing! Blessings……


  2. Hi Heather! I am so glad that you feel the support of so many of your praying friends from around the world. What wonderful testimony that you have been healed in the past, as has your husband. You truly know first hand the power of prayer and the mercy of God.

    Know that I am still praying too.


  3. Community is so important and when Jesus is at the center of the community it is even better. Thank you for your thanks and know that you are just as much an encouragement to others as they are to you. Blessings!


  4. The waiting. Oh, how it is such a long wait when it’s all not the way we’d imagine it, isn’t it? I will continue to pray for you always, my friend. So thankful for you, for the community I’ve received as a result of knowing you…and for the way God works and speaks through you. ❤


    1. Elizabeth,
      Tell me more. I’d love to pray more specifically for you, dear Sister. I read about your migraines. Is there more? I had them too, but haven’t had one all summer. I’m feel so much better and appreciate your prayers and encouragement more than I could ever say.


  5. Praying for your healing. Complete, miraculous, swift. Praying not because you know God is good but because all who pray for you may not…Lord, answer. Heal not for us but for them. That ALL may come to know You in your goodness, love, mercy and healing power. In Jesus’ Name Amen


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