Please lead our country in Your direction;
not the Left nor the Right, only Yours.

Many say we should make decisions that make sense. I say we should be making decisions that glorify You God. We have gotten so far in a deep pit that we can’t get anything done one way or the other to help all who need help.

I pray the “all” turn to You for help. The only true Help that works. I know You have a way where no one suffers. Please forgive and heal our country and each of the “all” of us.

Wake us up to Your reality.


A person can twist the Bible to say whatever supports their viewpoint ~ dangerous thing to do ~ but Jesus never labeled himself or lived as any of these things.


Jesus IS Jesus.
Jesus IS God.

I have had people I know treat me horribly for saying this Truth.
Other Christians.

When will they let Truth set them free?



6 thoughts on “Patriotism or Godly-ism {Wisdom for the ALL}

  1. Funny how I was just saying to my husband today that I can’t wait till heaven when there are no countries and borders and no patriotism as patriotism divides and is a form of idolism…and then I come across your post. 🙂


    1. Anita,
      I feel like if true ALL IN Believers don’t start saying these things out loud and having these conversations then things won’t change. Thank you for your input to that conversation. I believe it’s what He wants and what we need to do. Bless you and thank you so very much.


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