No. No it doesn’t.

I rested today. In fact, I woke up not too long ago. Legs and hips VERY sore today. Pain is a shark. BUT GREAT NEWS!! I applied two weeks ago for a program that would pay for all my medical bills to figure out my intense all over muscle pain and 50 *billion* other symptoms.

Fibromyalgia ~ doctor thinks. After a couple years of researching and watching the symptoms, I think so too, but I am healed… just waiting on it and being used by God to encourage others with chronic pain. This thorn shall bless.

I got the letter yesterday. Opening it slowly as I prayed…

I’m approved!

All in all the blood tests ~ over $2000 worth! ~ are paid in full.

Thank you, Jesus!

I bawled.

It also means the other testing ~ by a neurologist/rheumatologist/whomever ~ will also be covered and the doctor bills to see me will be reduced. For a whole year! I am so thankful.

God is always with us. Even if the bad gets worse.

So if you or someone you know has chronic pain, come along this journey with me as I write about it. And wait with me, while I wait for the healing I know is mine. I’ll wait with you.

We can share together. To love. To live. To encourage.

To begin, I shared this conversation recently. Your words… stilled my heart and lifted my soul.


Let me invite you into the inner parts of my soul. Conversations within myself … with the flesh and the enemy in the attack and then…

God’s voice. Ever. So. Clear.

This is a conversation… a war of words at times… as I live inside this unexplained pain. It is chronic. It is surprising. It has no pattern. Fibromyalgia is caused by many things. But it is much like many other “silent” illnesses in that it’s silent to the rest of the world… except the one who’s dealing with it.

This is how this goes for me. You may recognize some of it. As you read this… know in your heart that while it is heavy for me ~ a pressed down, stood upon, flattened kind of heavy ~ that I am still in His embrace. I still trust. His joy is MY strength.

And because I know that I have joy even when I feel down.

{Here’s where I share the conversation. It’s raw and real.}

Conversations with the Enemy and God: Faith in the Midst of Chronic Pain

Live blessed,



7 thoughts on “Must Pain Rule the Day?

    1. Barbie, you too are a blessing my friend. 🙂
      I love how you are authentically trying to go after what God has for you. Take care of yourself. You need you and so do a lot of others!

      It’s okay for us to take care of ourselves. I’m actually taking a few weeks away to focus on my health and finish this book.
      **SEE** you soon after, my friend. 🙂


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