My family and I are on our first vacation in years. The financial tragedy we went through didn’t afford us the opportunity, but a secret gift was given to my husband and he said, “Yes, we can go to the beach.”


I know that there are many people in the world who will never know this joy of sun and carefree heart. I pray for those that they may find their happy heart place. I’m thanking God for this … because He asks us to thank Him for all good things. He made this ocean.. which is my happy place. I will be thankful in all things. I’ve been thankful in the blessings that came while in tragedy and I’ll be thankful in the blessings that come through happy places, joyous times. These. We were given this opportunity and we are #GratefulSouls.

So while we are resting – the sun and water are so healing for my Fibromyalgia and body pain issues –
I am sharing elsewhere in the world. Maybe you could check out the story I share today in the featured writer section over at my friend Barbie Hernandez Swihart’s place ~ My Freshly Brewed Life. I have wanted to tell this story for a long time. This was the time. 🙂 It is very appropriately titled “Jesus in the Mattress”.


He was there that day ~ my heart called out to Him. He’s always there. But that day? He significantly moved.

“They need it, Jesus. And You know we can’t give it to them. But I know You can. Will you give it through us?”

That prayer cried out in my heart and soul as I walked around the middle of the Meier store that day. The day lit up by a miracle.

Read the rest of the story over here

Live blessed,

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25 thoughts on “Jesus In the Mattress

  1. So glad you found a way to go on vacation. Financial distress is difficult to recover from and it is hard to stay positive when life isn’t going so well. God doesn’t always rescue us from our painful situations but He is always there beside us. He is so faithful! Enjoy!


    1. Brenda, you are right on… He is always there beside us. While He has restored us greatly and still we are being restored for His glory, I now deal with this body pain. But the thorn in my flesh will bless as well. You know I was sure the warmer weather and water would be healing and it was! I felt great there. 🙂


  2. Wow! See what happens when we lean into those caring arms EVEN WHEN WE DON’T UNDERSTAND! You showed us the truth – He is a Caring God.


  3. So glad you guys got away for a vacation!! How wonderful to be at the ocean and to see and feel the power of God’s creation. Hope it was a restful time, full of family love and inspiration from above!


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