It wasn’t all that many years ago that I asked myself…

Are you living a Half-way Life, Heather?

Have you asked yourself that question?

It’s gotta be Black or White, not Gray.

What’s it all about?

Sounds almost like a team cheer, right? But sadly, it’s no cheer. It’s more like a rant. We get up, we go to work, we come home to get ready for the next day, we go to bed. We get up, we go to work, we come home… you get the picture.

The question is “Do we live that picture?” Are we living a half-way life?

I’m not saying we shouldn’t be diligent workers. By all means {ALL means} we work for The Lord. Work is so much better when we realize we could touch lives at work in a significant way. But it’s not all about work. It’s about life.

What I am saying is the higher the quality of our lives lived the higher the quality vessel for God’s work we become. God has taught me to look straight into the eyes of mediocrity, of luke-warmness and smack it back down. I can see now… right into the middle of a situation. Just about half way.

Look at that awful situation you are dealing with in life… at work, at home, at school, everywhere.

Go ahead.
Zoom right in.
All in.

What do you see? What comes to mind first? What is illuminated when you view it from outside looking in?

Could the hard part of it…

the tough in-your-face, feel like I’m gonna’ break part…

be softened by the possibility there is someone who might be touched so deeply by what you are going through that they reach out of the pit they find themselves in? Could you help them cling to God even more right in their middle?

That, my friends, is where the middle gets good. That is when the middle becomes a very GOOD half-way.

Here’s where your day-in, day-out life takes a turn and becomes the Conqueror of Mediocrity.

Maybe you see a person who’s helping you manage your pain who has an incredible pain of their own. Might your trusting God openly show them there is a God who loves them? That salvation is truly near?

That’s a GOOD half-way.

Maybe, just maybe, when you zoom in ~ right in the middle ~ that is where you find out that you are only giving God half if it. You aren’t totally trusting Him. You still are trying to control part of it… and failing miserably. It’s all about you instead if you living ALL IN for Him.

That’s the bad kind of half-way.
The kind that gets you only half-way there.


I didn’t question mine.

What I am doing is calling out how great ~ how “well done” ~ our lives could be if we just live ALL IN instead of half way.

“His master said to him, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant. You have been faithful over a little; I will set you over much. Enter into the joy of your master.’” ~ Matthew 25:23

You’ll never finish this life well if you only get half way there.


The Half-Way Life. ~
Hum drum. Ignoring half your situation in hopes it will go away, and trying to control the other half just giving God the “pleeeeease help” He hears with only a little trust.

Lukewarm spoils.
Half-hearted breaks hearts.

That’s what He taught me.

Live wholly.
Live ALL IN.
THIS day.

Let your heart therefore be wholly true to the Lord our God, walking in his statutes and keeping his commandments, as at this day. ~ 1 Kings 8:61

This really is black or white. There is no place in the gray for us… that half-way point where the light goes through but it’s dragging its feet… weighed down. That point where the situation lingers and you know you should be dealing with it His way, but…

You ever feel that way?

Give it ALL to Him. Don’t stop at the half-way mark. Don’t live in the middle.

Maybe you came to that part of the epiphany a while ago. Maybe you are like me and you came to a point where you trust God fervently. And you’ve seen Him work in your life to undeniable proportions. BUT. {Do you hate that word as much as I do when it describes the lack?}


Sometimes I STILL fall. I fail. I let that mighty wall come tumbling in around me. And I live in a half lit room. Gray. HARD TO SEE. Thinking “God, if only I could…”



I don’t need control or even to dive into despair. I don’t want it! My “experience” thinks I need it. My “mind” thinks I have it.

BUT{okay, this interjection is fine, because now I’m headed out if the half-hearted point.}

I flip on the Light. I see the fail and how I try to take control.

You want to know when it happens?

When I’m coming out of the half-way. When I GET BACK to living ALL IN.

Let’s live ALL IN together, shall we? Let’s hold hands and hearts and walk this path together. The path we call life. The one where God is waiting with wide stretched open arms; waiting for us to just breathe and let Him into the middle.

The one where we let Him be ALL IN.

Live blessed and ALL IN, friends,

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2 thoughts on “Living the Half-Way Life… Are You?

  1. I just want to hug you. Thank you so much for your sweet words at the end here but must of all thank you for this wonderful encouragement to live all in. This hits me especially in terms of how I am during my work day. I forget how important my work is to Him . . . I work for Him. And I forget the impact I could have if I chose to be ALL IN. I really, really loved this and going back to read again. Happy Friday to you, Heather. {Hugs}

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Beth,
      I think you are a pretty ALL IN sort of gal. ‘😄 I love your “all in-ness”!

      But I hear you… Some days we just let it go and fail. It’s human. And that’s what Grace is for, yes?

      Hug! Yes! When I read your posts, I want to hug you too! Truly.

      Hope your Friday and weekend are just filled with pop up surprises!


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