I’ve been thinking about something…

Why are so many Christians separating sins of people and pointing them out… instead of separating the sin from the person?

I’m not just talking about the over-used but under-followed “hate the sin but love the sinner” statement. Yes, we are to hate sin. But so many stop there and never look at the people in the eye with love that they’ve called out as “hating their sin”.

Why stop there? Why is it so hard to love the sinner?

We, ourselves, sin. We have no problem forgiving ourselves most of the time. We certainly don’t ignore ourselves, alienate ourselves from our inner circles, or verbally attack ourselves in “light hearted FB meme manner”… do we?

Sure… guilt rides in on a dragon and swallows up our thoughts. But guilt isn’t from God. And we can, with His help, control those thoughts and our actions. We learn to accept His forgiveness and our own.

We can forgive others the same way. We should forgive. It’s what we are supposed to do.

I’m not saying it’s easy. I’m just saying it’s doable. God says so. We can forgive others and separate sin from the person we walk that path with like our family and close friends. And we can do the same for all others.

There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. ~ Romans 8:1

So why do we choose to condemn?

I understand that we can get passionately fired up about things. But are they always or even most of the time the right things? Are the things that get us worked up a righteous thing? And if they are, are our methods God approved? Would God cheer on the ways we voice our concerns over sin?

The only true things to get passionately fired up about are the things that are Godly to humanity. So as God’s people we should stop separating sins and pointing out one over the other on a whole. All sins are equal. We must love people no matter what sin we see in their lives.

What sin do they see in our lives?

We’ve got to love people to Christ, not point out the sins of a group with a big Scarlet Letter.

Don’t misunderstand me, please. I’m not saying condone or make excuses for outward sin… not even in your own life. It must be addressed. What I’m talking about is leading people to Christ instead of pointing out mass wrongs in an unloving way. It has to be a heart level thing, not a hurled out life leveling thing. We are supposed to lift people up. If all they hear is what we think is wrong with them, how long are they going to listen?

We’ve got to come together.
It is every heart coming together in common cause… to love God and love people… that will make them want to listen.

Then… and only then will they listen. And they’ll want what we have in Christ.

Let’s do a heart check on ourselves Body of Christ. I think we need to think long and hard about what this really means:

Hypocrite, first take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take the speck out of your brother’s eye. ~ Matthew 7:5

I think it means… we need to lay our stones down.

Live and Love Blessed,



13 thoughts on “Laying Our Stones Down

  1. This is something I believe is a real stumbling block for some Christians… looking at a segment of society for instance and determining their sin is greater than another.I have to admit that at one time in my life I thought the same thing. I guess it is the working of the Holy Spirit that finally gets through and you realize this fact. The church we belong to prior to our joining split because a segment of them were so against ‘accepting’ of those who they considered sinning gravely… As you say..we aren’t accepting the sin… but the sinner, just as we are accepted regardless of our sin. It is sad that this happens…. Diane


    1. I hear you, Diane. I too was – and can still- fall to it when I recognize sin especially sin I’ve past participated in.

      I think one thing that makes it hard is people don’t try to understand God’s love from the moment they accept salvation.

      As for churches in their entirety, I really don’t think Jesus meant for The Church to split apart from the time of Pentecost. That is the fault of people. But God allows it in His gracious ways.

      What The Church – and therefore churches – must be cautious of is allowing and condoning sin. That has caused more split and derision than it has caused more help. Within every denomination this happens. We should NEVER compromise His Word and that happens. From individual hearts to entire churches to whole denominations.

      I’m actually writing about this in my book. I think it needs more discussion in The Church.
      Thanks for the conversation here!
      Hugs dear friend!


  2. This is a great message, Heather. It’s one I try to be aware of all the time. I can often think I’m not condeming another for their sin but if I really stop and listen to my words and consider whether or not they are pleasing to God, well… too often they are not. And I don’t want to be that person. I want to be one who points others to Christ which means I need to love others (love all people) like Christ loves me. Blessings.


    1. Oh Beth… me too. I have to be careful because where I’ve seen sin in my life and grown through it greatly to get it out makes me vulnerable to notice it in others. My heart wants to warn them! But sometimes it comes into my mind as judgmental. That’s why I try to keep my mouth zipped. 🙂 Hey, that’s why and how I write… After He’s given me the loving words to share what I’ve hearted. 🙂


  3. It has to be a heart level thing….so true. Sometimes I feel if we just spent most of our time on our own hearts, that in and of itself, allowing God to work in us and get the daily junk out, would be the main way that we could actually love others the way He intends. We spend so much time and effort doing things to love others, that in the process we forget to spend the time with God in our own hearts. Maybe that’s really where it’s at: He can do the rest as He removes the gunk, fills up our hearts with Himself, and then the love will just simply…flow.


    1. That’s it exactly, Anne. We just float through life until we REALLY get it. I think if every Christian would decide “I’m going to learn to love as He loves, then He can work.” So many don’t get that – including me! – until we waste so much time. That’s why I write. To send out a warning signal… much like a light house. 🙂


  4. Honestly, Heather, I think we forget that we are sinners too. I was in a Bible study the other day where a woman said she just didn’t understand people “like that” – whatever “that” sin was that she didn’t struggle with. That if they really believed in Jesus as they professed, they wouldn’t do that thing that she found so distasteful. I couldn’t keep from saying, “Well, I believe in Jesus and I sin every day.” Ah, that puts a different light on things, doesn’t it? She was rather taken aback and I was almost sorry I had said it. And then I wasn’t. Because I need the reminder that “they” are no different than me…we just have different temptations and different sins. I kinda think God was using my own words to convict my own self!! 🙂

    Thanks for linking up to Testimony Tuesday!

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    1. Holly,
      It’s great that God uses our own words like your experience. But I can’t help but think – and be thankful for – that lady learned something through your words too. I agree wholeheartedly with you. Sinning is something we unfortunately can’t get away from 100% until we get to eternity, but we can acknowledge and repent. This keeps love at the forefront.
      Thanks for the great conversation dear friend!


  5. Heather, I LOVE this. I am trying to always keep in mind that God does not weigh or measure sin like we do. We are all sinners and the wages for all sin is death without Christ. If we remember how far He brought us then we are able to to reach back to others to encourage them.

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