I’m a schmuck. To think that everyone else loves like I do and receives my heart open wide as I try hard to love and encourage others… I must be a fool.


Yesterday… was one of those hard hard days filled with “why do I bother?”

But as quickly as that temptation pops in my head, God leaps in and grabs my brain along with my heart, holds tight, and says “Here is why… You are mine.”

People can tell you in so many ways to stop sharing your heart, your passion, God … even Christians in their “I think I’m being *nice*” sort of ways. I’m thankful I can see right through it. But yesterday was one of several *hidden* halts thrown at me. Sideswiped me, really. Out of the blue. But not the pretty blue over yonder.

But how can I stop?

Because … HOW can any person stop sharing their passion? Tell me, how can one quell what the soul has come to know, and how can I, who nearly died and this Truth swooped in to save me, deny it from being shared? How does one stop water from filling a thirst need?

I can’t.

It’s a simple truth.

I can’t stop loving.
I can’t stop sharing the One who loved me into a breathtaking existence.
I can’t stop sharing the Love that permeates every crack in my life.

I won’t.

BUT I’ll be a fool for the hope of love everyday if my only other choice is to show others what is often shown devoid of these things

For God is pleased with you when, for the sake of your conscience, you patiently endure unfair treatment. 1 Peter 2:19 NLT

Live Blessed and Know It,



22 thoughts on “To Love as Hard as a Fool

  1. Oh, Heather! Dear one, you are not a schmuck! You just had a schmucky day like the rest of us do. I’m so sorry felt this way. Don’t ever apologize for sharing your heart. And don’t stop sharing. The Lord uses your words to reach the hearts of others. May your heart be filled with overflowing encouragement! ❤


  2. Heather, never stop being who God make you, created you to be. EVER!
    You are loved and valued ….greatly. God bless you xxx


  3. Wow!” truth swooped in to save me”. I loved that line and it brought forth a full animated image of Christ in a cape. I pray His grace over you Heather, that whenever you need him he’s there to rescue. Love you friend.


  4. Dear, sweet Heather, just as we work for the Lord and not for man, we also love for the Lord and not for people. We love not for appreciation for acknowledgment, but because God is love, because He loved us first, and because He made us in His image.

    I’m not exhorting you, just letting you know I’ve been there, done that, got the T-shirt.

    We can only plant seeds, we can’t predict the soil. God is the ultimate harvester, and He will do His work as He sees fit. Once the seeds are out of your hands, you’ve let them go. Now, you must allow your heart and mind to let them go, too. There are so many more seeds to plant.

    Love you. ❤


    1. I love you too dear Susan. ❤️
      The ones I don’t know who kick at me are few, but those are easier to not let penetrate my heart. Sure, I’m sad for them, pray for them, since they struggle with pain to treat people such ways.
      In this instance, and a few others, it hurt worse because 1) I knew the person and 2) I know they are Christians (some with ministries) and that’s just harder on my heart. Disappointing. But I continue to love and not fall to the temptations. Because I love Him more. Most.

      I’m so thankful I have you to encourage me. And these other beautiful souls. I am not to proud or scared to admit I need it.

      Blessings to your heart today dear friend.
      Blessings to lift you high.


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