The worries: those things I used to get about everything, in the waiting, in the suspension, hanging onto life by a thread. Every little ~ and big ~ thing worried me. The effect it had on me was pointless. But it did manage to accomplish one thing … it sucked away my joy and peace and gratefulness.

As soon as I chose to see with my heart and soul what my eyes and mind already knew… that it was a life sucker… I was released from its stronghold. I realized through listening to Jesus when He said to let tomorrow worry about itself that tomorrow never comes. It never comes. And like I said yesterday when I wrote about how I was Gifted Patience


So now…
I go to Him with every concern ~ no matter how big or how small ~ so it does not overtake me.

I choose to cuddle in His arms like my child has always done with me when she has a worry. We go to the lap of Jesus together.

Life is much easier with the cuddle effect.

Tomorrow never comes… live for today!


Live Grateful,




5 thoughts on “Gratefulness: The Cuddle Effect

  1. Thank you for that reminder to live in this moment. My devotional reading today was about letting God take care of the future – maybe I need to hear something today…. 😉 Stopping by from FMF.


  2. I pray I can learn to live everyday in the cuddle effect. My life has always focused on the worries, the ‘what-ifs’. Most of those worries never came because tomorrow never did. Thanks for sharing.

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