Today my heart sinks into life. How about you? Thinking into the blue skies, the what’s-ahead stuff, the unknowns He knows.

What is there waiting for me?
What is there waiting for me!

I’ve known waiting. Oh, I’ve known it well. At the first stage was impatience.

Can’t wait. Impossible. Must prepare. Can’t be caught off guard. What’s up now, God?

Then I grew into the second stage; it was not by my doing… it most certainly was His doing.

You need to learn patience, dear Child. Why are you impatient with others? Why are you in need of control? Why do you harness yourself tightly to the problems of tomorrow?

Yes, there it happened. I got it. It clicked a thousand loud notches in my brain and in my soul. I recognized my deep need to learn… no, not learn… practice patience.


I was impatient because I was always looking for love and approval. It always comes down to love, doesn’t it? And it ALWAYS comes BACK to Love.

That impatience directed at others, circumstances, and myself… that attempt at control… all of that was ALL about love confusion. So when I perked up my soul and listened, I was gifted the last stage ~ peace that tomorrow never comes, it will worry about itself so I don’t have to, and God has this day. He owns it. Not me. Not ever me.

I began to pray in that part of my life that I call stage two … that’s my thirties. I prayed that God would remove the impatience from me. That He would take away the frustration manifested into agitation, the control-freaked up mind, the unhealthy desire to understand and be prepared for every possible outcome in any given situation, the anger.

I asked Him to purify me. To rid me completely of this jacked up mess I had made for myself.


Do you know, dear Hearts? Your jacked up messes. What are they? Are you seeking a Master clean up? Do you truly want it?

I asked God for a cleanup.
I asked hard. I asked often. I asked loud.

What’s that saying? Oh, yes.
Be careful what you ask for?

Really? Nah.

I knew it would be hard. Excruciatingly hard. But I was ready. I was desperate.

Do you know, dear Hearts? Are you to that desperate “I gotta get out of this mess” stage? Are you ready for His knows to be known to you?

sink your heart into life. Think into the blue skies, the what’s-ahead, the unknowns He knows.

Now, I no longer befriend impatience as my go-to emotion. Now … I’m just excited with the wait producing character in me. I’ve seen how my life has changed. I am the very epitome of being made new in Christ. So are you.

I recognize the new me.

How about you, dear Heart? Recognize the new you being made newer every grace filled day?

All together now, friends…
With excitement and love we ask with peace KNOWING He KNOWS…

What IS there waiting for me!

Let’s go find out ALL IN together, okay?

Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.
~ Philippians 4:6


I’d like to take this time to thank Wendy Macdonald who writes at GreenLightLady. Her decision to feature me on her site during a blog tour made my heart light up with joy! We have been reading each other’s blogs for a long time. I think we connected at least a year ago. She writes lovely poetry and her photography… oh it’s just as lovely! Her heart is for Christ and loving others as He implores. No wonder we connect. 😉 Would you take a moment to check our her blog? Maybe like a post or two and follow. You’ll be encouraged and inspired!

Tomorrow I will be featuring a few writers in this blog tour and answering the interview questions given to me about my writing process and projects. You might be surprised by my answers. Don’t miss it!

Live BLESSED and KNOW it!

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11 thoughts on “Sinking Into Life: How I Was Gifted Patience

  1. “God has this day. He owns it. Not me. Not ever me.” –Heather, these excellent words of yours jumped out at me with both comfort and instruction.

    Thank you for your kind words. I’m honored.

    Blessings ~ Wendy ❀


  2. Heather- my (in)courage group are shortly studying Jennifer Dukes Lee’s Love Idol which relates closely to what you have shared here. I am leading the study- an honour indeed- I don’t think of myself as in anywhere near the same league as you and the wonderful writers I follow like out mutual friend Lynn Mosher- but am giving it a go.
    I have subscribed to your blog.
    Where in the world are you? Most bloggers in USA- and lil ol me- I’m downunder in New Zealand.
    I look forward to reading more from you in the days/months/years ahead.
    Many blessings ~


    1. Oh Mary, you are a sweet heart! I am so very blessed by your beautiful words. You encourage me!

      I have not read Jennifer’s book yet. It’s next on my list and laying on my desk waiting. 😉

      Right now I’m finishing up {trying!} my two books that God called me to write … One was a vision He gave me 10 years ago, but asked me to wait. So my book reading time is thin as He asks me to press in! 🙂

      I too am in the USA. I have writer friends all over the world and that is just another awesome blessing!

      I am really truly thankful to meet others and share life! Please keep in touch!

      Bless you sweet dear lady. 🙂


  3. I can absolutely identify with this, Heather. Wanting to control everything out of fear. But love casts out fear, and the discovery that He is a loving God broke those chains. Do I still have days when I forget? Absolutely. But I look up and look in and know that I am free, and in that freedom, I am able to wait, and know that He is God.


  4. This just jumped out at me ~> “I was impatient because I was always looking for love and approval. It always comes down to love, doesn’t it? And it ALWAYS comes BACK to Love.” It always comes back to love. AMEN! Great post, Heather.


  5. Beautiful Heater, thank you for sharing. I am famous for looking for love in all the wrong places. I am so thankful that I don’t have to work to gain His approval and love.


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