I keep singing this part of a Michael Jackson tune over and over:

♫ ♪ Too high to get over.
Too low to get under.
Stuck in the middle.
And the pain is thunder. ♫ ♪

And then I hear Todd Agnew sing:

♫ ♪ I need a little more patience in the middle of stress.
I need a little more beauty in the middle of this mess.
Need a little more substance in the middle of this emptiness.

I’ve looked as deep as I can see.
And I think I need a little more You in the middle of me. ♫ ♪

The Middle.

What’s wrong … or right… with the middle? Well, at first thought I think it’s a tragedy to be stuck in the middle, to have life winding down and around but never truly getting anywhere.

And then my thoughts go deeper. The middle can also be a very lukewarm place. The middle is the opposite of no man’s land. It’s every man’s land. It’s the place where convictions go to die. Where morals become relative and absolutes are dismissed. Where decisions linger on in silence.

Because it’s easier in the middle.

And then … my mind races out ahead of me and meets my heart that whispers “that’s what’s wrong with the middle, but why do you have to run from the middle to make it better? Why can’t you just allow more Jesus in the middle?”

{This would be where I would insert the highly refined operatic, vibrato-ed “YEEEEESSS” if I could.}

Why must we always go to the notion that in order to make something better we must flee it? Resist the devil and he will flee, yes?

{Again… “YEEEEESSS”!}


When I look at this middle, I see a void.

Now… I see that now.
I didn’t always see it… or admit it.
But it’s that place…

~ the place where I said “well, if it isn’t hurting me or a loved one then I won’t get involved.”

~ the place where I let the little things creep in because “well, everyone’s doing it, watching it, listening to it, saying it.”

~ the place where, when left to my own devices {as happens when we insist on doing things without God}, I just became a lukewarm body living saved but not restored.

Now when I find myself in the middle I immediately recognize…

♫ ♪ I need a little more You in the middle of me.♫ ♪I

And thank You, Jesus, for warning us about being lukewarm. I spit out lukewarm too. It just leaves a bad taste in the mouth. And we all know that we can taste and see that The Lord is GOOD, yes?

{And one more time with me… “YEEEEESSS”!}


I love to sing all operatic-like. Missed my calling? Never.

Not no way. Not no how.

Living and loving #ALLIN,


Todd Agnew “In the Middle of Me” {one of my fav songs ever!} can be heard on YouTube.

I’d love for you to live and love #ALLIN with me. Heart deep. Would you join me on FB and Twitter at the links at the top of this page? I’d be so honored to walk this #GratefulSoul life with you. {And you can get my personal emails ~ heart all-over-the-place good! ~ at the link to the right.}


9 thoughts on “What’s In the Middle for You? Thunder or The Maker?

  1. Your post reminds me that God calls us to be bold for Him. Hanging out in the middle and moving through life with the status quo moves us away from honoring God and all He calls us to be. Beautiful post!


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