I pray.
I trust.
I believe.

Even when things are tough… like right now with this illness. It really is that simple for me.

Maybe it’s because I’ve been through more in 40ish years than most people go through in a lifetime ever. Maybe it’s because I refused to have that all be lived in vain with no learning, no obedience, no growth, and no sharing. Maybe it’s because I love God so heart deep that living #ALLIN is all I know how to do anymore. It’s all I want to do.

When I think about my healing, I think about it from such an immense gratefulness that I immediately think about how strongly I prayed and trusted and believed.

I had hit the very rock bottom that a human could hit. I realized that trusting in God, believing He would deliver me from the ugliness of depression and that brain disease, was where my desperateness had led me. But it was when I arrived through the “vehicle of desperate” that I recognized the true need to trust Him with every ounce of life I had in me.


My being healed is personal. By that I mean, it was a deeply personal experience with God… My God… who has the master plan. But we all have THAT point of no return don’t we? We just arrive and know we must…

Pray, Trust, and Believe.

I also ~ inside that wrap-around faith and trust and belief ~ accept when His plan does not reveal a healing in my life like it did then. I am not in perfect physical health. In fact this Fibro junk is kicking my butt. But it won’t win! His glory is ever present when I share how He healed me of the depression, that brain disease. And His glory is ever present when I have this thorn-in-my-side illness. I just have to remember that until I am healed of this… I will grab every moment to thank Him, to pray, to trust, to believe. To love full out faith … In the moment.


In a moment.

A prayer.

A prayer to trust and believe.
A prayer to live #ALLIN.

Live as a Grateful Soul,


19 thoughts on “Pray, Trust. Believe. {3 Steps to Faith Full Out}

  1. Thank you for your post. Please let me share a thought. When times are difficult, we should “pray through it!” Blessings to you.


  2. Heather, did I know you had fibro as well? If I did, the fibro sucked it out of my head. I’m sorry, sweetie, you struggle through life with this thorn. I’m glad the Lord has brought some healing to you. I still wait for what He promised me. Praising Him in the meantime! Praying for you, dear one! xoxox


    1. Did I know you did too? HA! Our foggy fibro brains… maybe we did! I try to laugh through everything. 😉 It isn’t gone yet. I am sorry you suffer too. It is very difficult on the bad days. Some days even my fingers have great pain. That is a hard for a writer! We shall pray for each other. Love you bunches, H


  3. I know a few people with fibro and their faith, patience and joy in The Lord is nothing short of miraculous to me in the face of such a debilitating illness.

    Two are pastor’s wives and one runs her own business. They have shown such fortitude in the face of their illness, refusing to become defined by it and, in two cases, their faith in God has been instrumental in their sunny outlook and being able to push the boundries that the illness would place on them.

    This is a great post Heather, thank you for sharing and, yes, I totally agree that in all things pray, trust, believe is key. It’s what has got me through a tough 2 years and a shaky marriage. The trusting and believing hasn’t always been easy but God has been gracious and got me through it.


    1. Hi dear sweet friend. I so appreciate your comment of true encouragement. ❤ I also love getting your emails. They are so heartfelt and real.

      I pray I always can praise Him through any storm. And be as strong as your friends. I have this ministry and my own business of professional writing – sone days even my fingers hurt deep. But God is RIGHT. THERE. ALWAYS.

      Even if I fail.

      Hey are you in FB? Find me if you are. Did I ask that already? Fibro -perimenopause foggy brain. Lol.


      1. LOL No you hadn’t. Your writing is amazing. I know so little about the illness but I know it just wipes people out. The friend with the business runs an online crochet shop. She crochets all kinds of things which amazes me because, like you, the pain is just so awful at times.


  4. #ALLIN is the only way to go, isn’t it? At our new church, they refer to this as #GIVEN…being fully given to the Lord for whatever He purposes for us.

    Our new stance was quickly tested by the Lord, and we are learning that this is a walk in submission and sacrifice, of giving up what I thought was the most important thing for me to do and do what God deems of greater value. We’re being challenged and growth is taking place (a good thing…I still have so far to go).

    Hubby has fibro…nasty stuff, that. May the Lord grant you relief from the pain…and grace to get through the times when He says “not yet.”

    Love you!



  5. I’m praying for your “soon come” healing because it’s already there. If we wait it’s for manifestation only Heather. Believing with you. Pray. Trust. Believe..3 words we can live on.


  6. Heather, I really appreciate how you reminded us that the easy part is ours: pray, trust, & believe. Jesus has already done the part we could never do. I love your attitude, like Paul’s, to run the race regardless of any thorn in the flesh. Your spirit is sweet and not bitter. I know I need work on keeping my focus on what He can do and not on what I can’t do.

    Blessings ~ Wendy ❀


  7. Pray, trust and believe. What three great words. I just love your heart here ~> “I just have to remember that until I am healed of this… I will grab every moment to thank Him, to pray, to trust, to believe.” Beautiful encouragement. So grateful to have connected with you, Heather. I will keep you in my prayers. XO


    1. I’m grateful to have connected with you too, Beth. It’s our hearts attached in Him that make this earthly life beautiful and bearable. I really appreciate your prayers. So very much.
      I’m ready to tell everyone of this too and how He has blessed others and myself through it. I’m ready for the completeness of healing.


  8. I LOVE your perspective on life and your passion for God and for learning and for living ALL in! It is contagious and inspirational–thank you for sharing your faith with the world! ♥


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