Sharing these words… beautiful. Just simple and beautiful.

Happy Easter Resurrection Day, dear Hearts!
~ Heather

Easter is a time when families come together to have fun and enjoy the newly-awakened spring, as well as celebrate and appreciate their shared love. Many children eagerly await the multitude of egg hunts and goodie baskets, while the entire family gathers around the dinner table to enjoy each other’s company – as well as a few chocolate bunnies.

But beyond the mountains of chocolate and the plethora of adorable bunnies; beyond the bright and colorful eggs, there lies a story of a strong yet gentle Carpenter who is a humble yet powerful King. It is a story of self-sacrifice, pain, and grief, but the story does not end there. Beyond the pain, grief, torture, and betrayal endured by a compassionate and loving Shepherd, there lies the ultimate gift of redemption, forgiveness, and hope.

A Healer.

A Redeemer.

A Savior. A Savior for the world. A Savior for you and for me. When all hope for the journey of life was lost, the Way was provided. When the enemy’s lies rose deafeningly loud all around, the Truth broke through the noise. When death laughed menacingly in the face of its victims, Life rescued its captives and set them free. When darkness surrounded, Light burst forth and spilled into every shadowy corner…

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