Giving up is not a real option. But here’s how to fight the temptation of giving up when the race is hard…

Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer. ~ Romans 12:12

Joy, patience, and prayer.
They go hand in hand.
God’s hand.

Live in joy, dear souls.
Wait upon The Lord.
Talk to Him.
He listens with Love.
Every ~ EVERY ~time.

Because You are always faithful, Jesus, please be relentless in helping me to be faithful.

Even though the hills of life appear to be huge mountains with caverns deep and dark, God lights my path just where I need it so I may continue on my path. Missing the deepest and darkest holes. Smelling the green grass over on that other side.

Today and everyday, I’m thankful for the lamp that is at my feet.

Live blessed dear souls,



10 thoughts on “A Lamp for the Caverns: Giving Up is not an Option

  1. Im going through some of my darkest nights… I dunno when I stop crying, my tears have been my only company… Its scary to look down the dark valleys.. But Im hoping to find light in God’s word…


    1. I am praying for you, dear Vinodhini. Never, never, never lose sight of God and His unending love for you. The dark times will be drowned by His love and light to show you something new and never before seen. Cry to Him. He hears. And while crying, trust in Him to wipe the tear, but endure, Sister.
      Much Love, Heather


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