I am so utterly grateful that I did not miss a second of appreciating my daughter’s childhood. I see so many {way too many} children just growing up on there own. Missing what it means to truly love unconditionally.

God does that perfectly. We have to work at it. But more and more children are suffering by not getting that very thing… attention with unconditional love taught to them. Oh, I think most children are loved unconditionally by there parents. But I’m talking about teaching them to love others as God teaches us to. Commands us. He knows best.


So I listened to God from the moment she was born.

Appreciate every second. Those seconds will teach you more love than you can possibly imagine.

Appreciating every second is a little overwhelming if you don’t take a deep breath and really think about what that means.

I remember when my daughter was born and I decided then that I would never let a moment go by without appreciating it. I had seen how others had missed so much of their children’s lives and those amazing once in a lifetime jewels that occur with no notice whatsoever. I am so blessed to have been able to stay home with my daughter for most of her growing up years… some years I had to work a few hours a week but I really mean only a few. Her dad and I were adamant that I be able to stay with her as much as possible and to be able to home school her… I was so glad we agreed on that. We had no other plan and it worked. It was God’s plan.

Through those years, and to this very day, I have tried my hardest to not miss a detail. It was not always easy, but it was never terribly difficult.

I understand some parents can’t be there physically for every detail. I’m really referring to just making the choice to participate in raising our children to love God fully, and also love people. We spend a lot of time teaching them to read and write and love life… but it seems so many children are never taught how to unconditionally love.

As for those details I mentioned, I am so pleased and my heart is full to the brim with thankfulness that I saw those defining moments all along.

I remember my daughter’s first words, her first steps, riding a bike for the first time, and everything in between. I can’t stress how huge the impact is of savoring every second with your children.

The added benefit is that the relationship I have with my daughter now that she is a grown young woman is sensational. We pray together, talk about everything with no limitations, and confide in each other with a level of trust and accountability that is truly amazing.

I couldn’t be more thankful that I appreciated EVERY second.

Live blessed,


2 thoughts on “Utter Gratefullness of Appreciating Every Second

  1. I can totally relate. Sometimes having five kids, it seems practically impossible to hold onto those precious memories about each one of them but I do my absolute best to drink in every moment that I can handle. 🙂


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